Caity at 29 Months

Little miss has been a little more sour than sweet lately. I just can’t believe the amount of sass that can come out of such a little body while still being completely adorable.


Not all that much has changed since last month. She has been obsessed with purses, hats, and glubs (gloves) lately. She has to leave the house with all three. Going down slides and blowing bubbles are still her favorite things to do. She is loving school and talks about the “kids” nonstop. For the most part she is a good eater but lately has starting using the word disGUSTING a lot, even if it’s something she likes. Her favorite is “nak” (snack) time especially when it involves “pok corn” (popcorn) or cheese. She is following her brother around like a shadow and is either busy giggling with him, or screaming at him.

Oh, and she LOVES getting her photo taken 🙂

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