Caity at 30 Months

This little munchkin continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

At night we now cuddle in the recliner after story and she watches me look through IG asking to see pictures and videos of her and Parker. Then she lays in her crib and falls asleep. She still fusses but it’s getting better each night. But I have to leave her door open and promise to come back. Maybe 1-2 times a week she wakes in the middle of the night and ends up in bed with us. She is sleeping with a pillow, blanket, her baby, and one of many A&A blankets. We have a sound machine still going in her room and I just made her a new night light for her room she loves!

Caity is loving daycare more and more each day. Most days she happily says good bye. She sleeps on the cot there and Bald Cat often comes up for a cuddle once she is snoring. Apparently there is a stand off most lunch times regarding her vegetables but Ms. R always wins. She can name all her friends and talks about them often.

She loves dressing herself and is big into accessories. Most days she is dressed like a hot mess but somehow still looks adorably cute. She is obsessed with morning beauty routine of brushing her teeth and mimicking everything I do to get ready. I am grateful for her love of brushing her teeth, she got an A+ at the dentist.

Lately she has been her brothers shadow… Parker’s school hosted a movie night and we decided to bring the kids. She followed him around the whole night and at one point one of Parker’s class buddies had his arm around Caity. It was like looking through a magic mirror and seeing the future. They are playing so much better lately I think because she is really starting to pretend with Parker and play along.

She currently loves the color pink, Play-doh, Hannah, cuddles in the chair, breakfast food, and chasing the kitties around.

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