Small Business Shout-out: Paparazzi Skirts

I love giving my business to crafty moms running their own small shops. Helping to support their dreams and getting adorable custom items is a win win in my book. Since most small businesses rely on positive reviews and word of mouth I always love to give a shout out when I can.

Even though the 2018 Fairy Tale Challenge is about 10 months away I have already started thinking about costumes. Since I will be running all 3 races I have a lot of outfits to come up with. I loved all the skirts that I saw last year and started to browse Etsy to see what was out there.

That’s when I came across Jennifer’s shop, Paparazzi Skirts. The moment I saw Squirt I KNEW that was going to be one of my costumes for next year. Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and I am very happy with my purchase. The quality is great, sizing is accurate, and turn around time was appropriate for the amount of time it takes to put these together.

She offers a variety of Disney themed and holiday themed outfits as well as custom orders.

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