Parker is FIVE!

Parker is becoming one of the sweetest, energetic, and kindest little boys I have ever known and one I can be very proud of. He loves saying hello to anyone he sees. Sometimes it’s just an introduction, other times he begins to tell them his life story. His smile is contagious and I can see it brighten someones moment.

He tries to hard to include others in play at the playground and seems to be drawn towards the kids who are a little more shy.

He loves to learn, just like his Daddy, and is constantly building something with anything he can get his hands on. During quiet time he rearranges his room to replicate his classroom and loves to set up all his “friends” to teach them.

His memory is impressive and sometimes a little freaky. He noticed the waiting room at their dentist was completely renovated and could articulate what had changed. This was over 6 months in between. He also was able to describe a waiter at our favorite restaurant over a year ago to the extent our waiter at the time knew who he was talking about.

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