Celebrating the 4th On LBI

June was pretty hectic around here. Parker finished school, Rob’s parents came for a visit, I flew home for my sister’s shower, and then a good friend came to help celebrate Canada Day. Needless to say come July 3rd I was so ready to head to the beach for some family time.

These kiddos are pretty much rock stars when it comes to road trips. For us an 8ish hour drive is now no big deal which makes travel so much easier. I have learned through the years what works for us and what doesn’t. They are happy with movies and lots of snacks to eat.

We spent the 4th with family at my Aunt & Uncles beach house. It was nice to see everyone, relax, and I even got to hold a squishy baby, eekkkkk. One day we decided to hit up the bay side which was perfect. There was a playground, organized events, food trucks, and calm knee deep water fenced in for the kids to explore.

Nope, there is no coffee inside that cup. I played a little guessing game on FB and it took forever for someone to guess it. A beer mimosa which was delicious, and I don’t even like beer!

We got to finally use these cups holders I made months ago to keep our drinks out of the sand. Although it doesn’t work well when certain kids grab them up and use them for sand castles…

I managed to get out 3 times for runs and completed the Pledge the Pink Virtual 1/2 Marathon.
July 4th – 6 miles at a 16’14” pace
July 6th – 3 mile walk with my mom
July 7th – 4.1 miles at 16’51” pace

Spending some quite time with my Mom was nice, we don’t get to do that much. So we spent most of the time catching up. Since we were just walking I took that opportunity to snap a few photos of some of the houses I had fallen in love with a few days before.

Every time we come to the beach we also try and take some family photos. The kids don’t make it easy but we try our best. My sister asked if I could snap some maternity photos at the same time.

Another tradition of ours is to take a walk on the beach at night decked out in glow sticks!

It’s always hard to leave a vacation but I think leaving the beach is the hardest. But I can’t say I am bummed about being home and able to finally take the week easy.

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