Foam Fest


This weekend I convinced Rob it would be fun to get up super early, drive to a paintball field, and run through 3 miles of foam, mud, and obstacles. He wasn’t thrilled at first but was all smiles as we crossed the finish line.


I never thought I would have so much fun getting so incredibly dirty.  We jogged for parts of it but after the first mud pit it was a little harder. I had never run a trail ___ which was a little challenging but fun.

Race Low Down: I was extremely impressed with this race from start to finish. The location, although it wasn’t their first choice, was amazing. Parking was $10 but everything was marked and the ride in was smooth. There were separate booths to sign waivers, pick up packets, and check your bags ($5 donation).

There were a ton of different booths and activities to keep you busy while you waited for your race to start. The DJ was very energetic, engaged the crowd, and the music was spot on. The course was a great mix of flat and rough terrain with different obstacles and inflatables full of foam throughout.

Waiting for us at the end of the race was bling, a beach towel, and sweet treats from Sparkling ICE and Chapman’s ice pops.  We rinsed off at the shower station and changed into some cleaner clothes at the changing tents.


We spent the rest of our kid free afternoon eating fancy hot dogs in Majors Hill Park and decedent treats from Sweet Jesus.

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