Printing Memories with Chatbooks

As good as I have been with documenting our lives on camera actually printing photos has been another story entirely… When an add for Chat Books came across my Facebook feed I took a look at their commercial and I was instantly intrigued.

Here is what sold me…

  • It’s a free app but you do have an option to create from your computer.
  • While the Instagram & Facebook Series options are pretty awesome, if you aren’t into social media you can create your own books using any photos. I have now made a book for our wedding, my pregnancy and birth of both kids, a book of all Parker’s crafts in his first year of school, and portfolios of items in my shop.
  • Since you can create them on your phone you have the flexibility to create them whenever you have time. Since I still spend about 30 minutes a night rocking Caity it was a great opportunity to make that time productive.
  • If you opt into the Instagram or Facebook series photos are automatically synced from your accounts. Once you have reached 60 photos (60 pages) you are given a notification to edit before it automatically shows up on your doorstop.
  • Prices start at $8 with many size and style options.

Although I can look at the same images on my phone whenever I want there is something different about seeing our memories in print. The kids also love looking at the photos, since most are of them and recalling memories from when the photo was taken.

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