Parker’s Favorite Bentgo Combinations

We have been faced with a few challenges this school year around food allergies. Parker isn’t allowed to bring anything nut related, sea food, and both cooked eggs and anything made with egg. This eliminates some of his favorites; PB & J, egg salad, tuna salad, our normal go to bread, and even the school safe Bear Paws. Luckily Parker is a pretty good eater so we just had to spend some time in the store reading labels.

Sunday is usually our grocery shopping and prep day. I wash and cut all our fruit and veggies and store them in the Hutzler 3-in-1 Berry Boxes. We tend to eat more fruits and veggies and less goes to waste when I take time to prep them. We purchased a few of the Bentgo Lunch Boxes on Amazon when they were a lightning deal. They are the perfect size and it’s fun to fill each compartment with goodies for the kids.

Main Dishes
bagel with cream cheese & jelly  |  turkey & cheese roll ups  |  ham & cheese sandwiches
pepperoni, cheese & crackers  |  chicken salad on a croissant

tomatoes  |  cucumbers  |  cheese sticks  |  grapes  |  blueberries  |  gold fish  |  pickles  |  raisins
He also requests applesauce almost every day and use the Infantino Squeeze Pouches to eliminate waste. The other day he said kids were teasing him that it was for babies. I told him that we were saving the world <3


PS: You may notice there isn’t always a green insert in the green lunchbox. That would indicate I didn’t do the dishes the night before and hit the alarm 1 too many times that morning. Luckily we purchased 4 boxes and so there is always a spare ready for me!

You have to get creative if you want to put a whole sandwich in the box. If you stack them this way they all fit, they just get a little squished 🙂 Parker said he though it was funny but didn’t care cause it tasted the same!

He LOVES when I sneak pickles in there.

Mini hanburger roles also work perfectly in the main section.

This is a breakfast combination I put together when the kids come with me to the gym. I don’t normally give chocolate for breakfast but they caught me eating a few on the way out and it wasn’t worth the debate on why Mommy can have chocolate in the morning and they can’t. And while some may say I am the parent, they clearly have never heard my 5 year old debate something…

The boxes also seemed to be pretty popular this year so I used some of the labels from my label sheets to personalize it for him.


When your @bentgolunch meets your 👍🏻#backtoschool #personalized

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