Ottawa Fall Colours 1/2 Marathon

This past weekend I completed my second 1/2 marathon. This was my favorite race in Ottawa so far. I was really nervous leading up to the race. Although I have been staying active, most of my training runs have stayed between a 5k and 10k. Since there was a 5 hour time limit I decided to take it easy and enjoy the race so I stuck with mostly power walking.

The course was great although much hillier than I had anticipated. The other runners were amazing and so supportive cheering me on. Since the marathoners completed two laps of the course I crossed paths with all of them twice, and several a third time. I have to admit that was a little hard for me but I am use to being the last and always tell myself all that matter is I finish. My final time was 3:58:33, which was about 15 minutes faster than the Princess 1/2 back in February.

I had decided to stick with a 18:00 pace and try to sustain that the entire time. Between my watch acting up and getting caught up in all the excitement I reached the 1/2 way point about 1:30 in which was roughly a 14:75 pace. Not bad, and certainly what I strive for during my 10k runs. But the last 6 kilometers were rough and I had to slow down significantly, stopping a few times to stretch. At one point I did start running because it felt so much better on my muscles.

Rob and the kids were cheering me on at the end. I could hear Parker say, “run Mom! You’re suppose to be running! Dad why isn’t she running?” So I ended the race in a slow trot just to make him happy. A few Epsom salt baths and a massage later and I am feeling pretty good. I definitely find myself wondering what it will be like to run when I loose these 100lbs or so. I have a hard time even picking up a 20lb weight…

Registration was easy and there were several distances to choose from. Price was reasonable and included swag bag, shirt, medal, and free finish line photos. This was also a Boston & New York marathon qualifier so everything was very organized.

Packet pick up was available morning of which was nice being a little bit of a hike from us.

The event vendors were great. There were free massages available pre and post race, one of the perks of finishing towards the end I was able to get one right away! There were several vendors selling gear. McDonald’s was there providing free coffee and a food truck selling food. Runners of the 1/2 and full received a free bowl of chili as part of their race entry.

The course was well marked with volunteers every few kilometers. Water stations were every 2ish kilometers and had water, Gatorade, gels, and gummies. Each station was well stocked and full of volunteers cheering runners on. Several bikers rod along the race making sure everyone was doing all right and accompanying the lead runners.

This is definitely a race I will be doing next year and maybe I will try for the full marathon in 2 years or so.

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