Sammy & Sophia’s Return

The Christmas season is finally here!!! I really like to focus on one holiday at a time so December 1st is a really exciting day around here. This past week I have slowly started to decorate the house and work on our different 25 Days of Christmas schedules. This year we are doing four; 25 Days of Adult Christmas Beverages, 25 Days of Christmas Stories, our Christmas Bucket List, and of course Sammy & Sophia’s schedule.

Having a predetermined calendar makes it a lot easier, especially if you tend to forget and need to do something at the last minute. I used last years calendar as a starting point

and then added in a few new things. I will often scout out items on clearance after Christmas Sammy & Sophia can bring the following year. I have one box that is dedicated to them that I keep in my craft room throughout December. I do think that after this year I will have to but it in a more secure location as Parker is too smart for his own good.

So here it is, all the mischief Sammy & Sophia will be getting into this December. You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #sammyandsophiameyer