Removing The Clutter

Although I am not much of a reader when I came across Becoming A Karma Yogi by Pat Sawhney on Amazon Kindle I decided to give it a try. Yoga has had such an impact on my running and mental health over the last few months I liked the idea of diving a little further into the practice. 

It’s been a fantastic read and so relevant to my life right now. What has been most inspiring is Pat’s idea of purging both the physical and mental clutter that can accumulate over the day. I was finding it impossible to turn my mind off at night and poor sleep quality left me sluggish and moody. It’s been a few weeks since I created an evening routine to help remove the clutter and I’ve already seen a difference in myself. 

Although it really depends on your needs I promised I would share what I have been doing!

after 8pm
We are lucky to be able to eat early so I try not to eat or drink anything with caffeine after 8. It helps tell my body it’s time to start unwinding.

I also try not to work out after 8 as well. It tends to get my excited and it’s hard to settle down afterwards.

removing the physical clutter
Keeping the space where I sleep clean and free from clutter has had a huge impact on my quality of sleep. This is really something I do in the morning but if I happen to hit the snooze one to many times it is the first thing I do in the evening. I make sure the dresser and my night stand are clutter free by throwing away any garbage, putting away any reading material, and removing any cups or empty pints of ice cream 🙂 I also try to make my bed everyday. My room is the last thing I see before I close my eyes and the first thing I see when I wake up  when everything is in its place I can feel myself relax.

wash the day off
Whether it’s a hot bath or just washing my face the symbolic nature of washing away whatever the day threw at me is calming. In the summer I will also wash my feet since they can get dirty chasing the kids around the yard. Getting into bed clean is a great way to finish the day.

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been practicing yoga for a few months now, primarily hot yoga. Giving myself 75 minutes a few times a week in a warm and quiet environment is exactly what this WAH momma needs. When I started creating my evening routine I knew I wanted to incorporate a few stretches before bed. It’s a great way to unwind and push out any negative energy I encountered over the day. If I don’t have much time I have found taking atleast few intentional breaths can make a difference.

sense of smell
It’s hard to look through Facebook or Instagram without seeing at least one post about Essential Oils. We have been using them in our home for a few years but I am very careful with what we use since we have pets and small children at home. Incorporating oils into your home and evening routine can do wonders if done properly. I highly recommend the Facebook group Scentsable Health whose focus is safety over sales.

For the bath I will often use Epsom salt and a mix of Essential oils like lavender, orange, and cedar wood. I also use a pillow spray made with lavendar for it’s calming effect.

write it down & rip it up
I have found that the most important part of my routine is removing all the drama from the day. I am a pretty sensitive person so things tend to bother me more than they should. Instead of putting the burden on the hubs or my close friends of venting about petty things I have started writing them down and then ripping it up. It’s a healthy and surprisingly effective way of letting go of the superficial and unimportant things that are bothering me. While it may seem silly I definitely recommend trying it for a week and seeing how you feel afterwards.

I’d love to hear what evening routines you have! I am always looking at improving and adding to mine.

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