Caity’s 4th Birthday

This little girl just keeps growing right before our eyes. While there are moments I still see a little girl those are being out numbered by this sassy, bright, and perceptive kid. She is our youngest, and our last, so I am trying to hold onto each and every moment I can. Sometimes she makes it hard, as any 4 year old would, testing boundaries and challenging us. But as tough as the day can be when I watcher her drift off to sleep I am in total love with her.

She started Junior Kindergarten a few days ago and was so excited to board that big yellow bus with her brother on the first day. No sign of hesitation, no tears, just a huge smile and the determination to do it all. It’s bitter sweet when you have an independent child. I find she is so confident and comfortable with new environments and people so I cherish those rare moments when she “needs her mommy.”