Back To School

I have to say this day couldn’t come quick enough! Our summer was so much fun but quite exhausting and I have a lot to get ready for our pack out in a few weeks. We decided that even though they would only be attending for 3 weeks it was best to keep them in school in Canada.

Little Miss is entering her first year of “big girl school” in the Junior Kindergarten program. I am so happy she will be with the same teachers Parker had last year, they are pretty amazing. She is most excited to ride the bus and eat lunch at school.

Buster has officially left the Kinder Yard and is making his way to the second floor. Although he isn’t thrilled with the idea of less play time and more work he is pretty excited to be in class with a few of his buddies. He is also excited about getting to participate in the milk and pizza program. He is also excited about showing Caity the ropes and teaching her what she can and can’t do, lol.

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