12 Weeks With Baby #3

I am so excited to start these weekly updates, especially since I never thought I would be doing these again!!! This go around we thought it would be fun to include the kiddos in my updates each week.

Weight gain:
 Nothing yet. I will admit I was/am very nervous about my starting weight this pregnancy. 250 is the absolute highest I have ever been and I know it can add some additional complications over the next few months. But, there is nothing I can really do about it now except focus on staying active, eating as best I can, and getting in all of my water.

Sleep: My pregnancy pillow arrived less than a week after my BPF. I wasn’t messing around this time and knew it was going to be key in getting as good a sleep at night as I could. Up until we found out Caity was still coming into our bed every night and sometimes Parker. I allowed it to happen and love(d) it. But I knew we had to start pushing for them to stay in their own beds the whole night. It’s going pretty well and come mornings I can tell they were waiting for the sun to come in for morning cuddles.

Miss anything: I miss the idea of my daily Diet Dr Pepper but I actually don’t think I miss it physically all the much. If I am REALLY craving soda I will have a regular Sprite or &-Up and that seems to do the trick. We have also been brewing our own ice tea at home and I add some lemonade when I need a little caffeine.

Current Struggles: The first few weeks after finding out were particularly hard. I had been on medication for both anxiety and depression. As soon as I found out I stopped taking both along with my normal intake of diet soda. Needless to say, the withdrawal was rough. At times I find myself getting pretty emotional between the normal hormones and not having my normal buffer. Meditation, my Start Today Journal from RISE, and my favorite playlists have helped a bit.

Movement:  I swear I have felt some butterflies but I think it’s really too early for that.

Cravings: I should have known I was pregnant when out of the blue I started wanted chicken nuggets. I have also been enjoying a lot of Costco pizza. And anytime I see chocolate I get a craving but on the rare occasion I do give in, it’s not what I end up wanting.

Best moment over the last few weeks: I talked about some of these in our announcement post but to recap… 1. Obviously the best moment was finding out. This was a complete surprise and I hadn’t been paying much attention to my cycle. I finally got a cheap test and just started laughing. Rob knew, without me even saying anything. I called my sister almost immediately and said, “I’m gonna need you to start keeping ALL of Savannah and Austin’s clothes. She was so freaking excited and I think she went on right away to see how far along I was. She is definitely a proud AhAh. 2. At my first appointment they did an US so seeing the baby made it all finally real. I met with my OB who was a friends recommendation and I was very pleased with our first appointment.  They are very VBAC friendly and she didn’t make me feel bad about my weight which I was grateful for. Since we were so happy with the OB I didn’t feel the need to check any other’s out but I wanted to take a tour of the hospital to make sure we would be happy there. We were VERY impressed and so excited for the labor tubs, guaranteed private rooms, and all of the amenities they offer. 3. The kiddos also decided it was time to name the baby. Caity it hoping for a girl whose name would be Windchime. Parker is hoping for a boy and thinks the perfect name would be Sparky. Luckily neither of those are contenders but, we have actually picked out 2 possible names but we will be keeping that a secret until baby makes their arrival.

Looking forward to: Rob is finishing the bathroom in our finished basement this week so I won’t have to keep running upstairs every time I have to pee (yay!). I am also planning to meet with a potential Dula/Birth Photographer this week to see if we mesh well together. If so, I’d say I have managed to cross quite a bit off the to-do list already.

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