14 Weeks With Baby #3


Weight gain: Nothing yet, yippee!!!! Finally feeling my energy coming back so I hope to start back up with the Beach Body Prenatal workouts and walking.

Sleep: I’ve been getting up early to have a few moments before the kiddos wake up so I’m exhausted by 8:30 every night. Haven’t had any issues falling asleep but if I get up to pee anytime after 4 I often don’t fall back asleep.

Miss anything: Honestly, having my shit together. I have been so absent minded lately forgetting things and falling short of promises to people. It’s not typical of me and I am not really liking it. :/ Hoping with my regained energy, a good planner, and a consistent schedule I can get a bit more on track.

Current Struggles: Managing my emotions is gonna be a pretty typical response for me here over the next few months. I find myself getting upset or thinking someone is made at me and have to talk myself down.

Cravings: Costco pizza hands down.

Favorite moments over the last few weeks: Getting a new car! We needed something with a 3rd row that provided a comfortable ride for our frequent and long road trips. After test driving a Hyundai Palisade we were hooked! It’s everything they are hyped to be. She is beautiful and the safety/driving assist features are amazing. I’m definitely not a car expert but I was thinking of doing a review of my favorite features based on a Mom’s perspective. Another favorite moment was meeting our dula this past weekend. We clicked right away and is going to be the perfect support to helping me achieve another VBAC and *fingers crossed* an unmedicated birth.

Looking forward to: Decorating for Fall, especially if it brings the cooler weather! Monday I am also getting a prenatal massage which I am so looking forward to.

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