Four Months

And yet another month has just flown by. Hard to believe this little dude is FOUR months already.

We are still practicing social distancing and have been staying home except for the occasional car ride. While we are all getting a little cabin fever I think we are handling it pretty well. The biggest difference for me is not being home with TJ alone during the day. It’s been great to have extra hands but I haven’t been able to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Even though we have been staying home he was still able to experience a few “firsts” this month including his first fort, Zoom call, and thunderstorm which we enjoyed outside under the patio.

This was definitely a big leap month for Timothy. His sleeping and eating patterns were all over the place so I knew big things were going on up in that cute little head of his. I have been anxiously awaiting one of my favorite baby milestones, the smile, and boy did he make me wait. All month he was teasing with little smirks and an occasional smile followed a big fart. He came through at the last minute though and gave us a few full smiles right at the end.

I’ve also noticed this past month he has been more alert and responsive. He seems to be quite ticklish and responds to someone tickling his belly and feet <3. He has also started to intentionally move his head and arms where he wants. He doesn’t have quite enough coordination to grab things but he is close.

I know I mentioned this last month but I LOVE having Rob home to help with feeding TJ. We aren’t on a schedule yet but I have noticed he wants a top off around 7:30 and then gives us a good 4-5 hour stretch of sleep in his pack n play. He also seems to be taking a more defined morning and afternoon nap. Pumping is still going really well. Right now I am pumping between 30-40 oz a day depending on how many sessions I get in and how much water I drink. I was finally able to pump 10oz at one time which had been a goal of mine! I’ve come a long way from that first 3 mL session.

Naps are all over the place sometimes he lets us put him down, sometimes he will snooze in his swing, but mostly he loves when we cuddle on the couch. We are trying to role with the punches and tag team a bit so we can still get work done and help the kids with their school work.

TJ has rolled from tummy to back a few times so far. He is able to sit up in his highchair longer and we introduced a Bumbo seat which he enjoys for a few minutes at a time. He still loves kicking away on his play mat and swinging in the swing too. At his 4 month well visit the doctor was really pleased with his progress. He is up to 13 lbs 11.2 oz and 25 inches tall. He has pretty much caught up to a full term 4 month old which was amazing to hear.

I dug through Parker’s memory box and found some of my favorite outfits that TJ is just fitting into. One of them is hands down my FAVORITE outfit that I now have pictures of all 3 kiddos in <3

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