TJ is 5 Months Old!

This little boy is growing up WAY too fast.

He now has more nooks and crannies than an english muffin, which makes this momma SO very happy. Exclusively pumping is going well in the sense I am producing more than what he needs each day and it seems to be helping him flourish. Most days are good but I occasionally have that one rough day where I think about the hours I spend pumping and washing parts everyday (roughly 3 1/2) and I get crabby. Right now I have 760 ounces saved and am on track for having enough to feed him until his 1st birthday by October 3rd. I am so grateful for Rob being home right now.

TJ seems to be falling into a rough schedule. He wakes between 5:30 and 6:30 for a morning bottle. Sometimes he dozes off after but that doesn’t last long. Then he plays on his playmat for a good half hour before drifting off in that very spot. We just go with it and will turn off the piano and put a blanket on him. He sleeps long enough to let us get everything washed and sanitized while scarfing down some breakfast. This month he did let us put him down ONCE for his morning nap which lasted 3 hours. After that we keep him engaged in his high chair, bouncer, or activity seat while we get school and work done. It’s usually a hot mess but we do our best. He takes an afternoon nap but most often wants to cuddle so Rob and I take turns cuddling and getting work done while the kids have quite time. Evenings he like to pack in the milk usually have 2 full bottles within 3 hours and is tucked into bed by 9ish.

He is continuing to meet all of the milestones of a full term 5 month old and he just grew into 3-6 month cloths! He is trying to hold his bottle and while most of the time he swats it away he has found the right positions to hold it completely on his own a few times. I still love to hold him close and cuddle him while he eats. My favorite is when he holds on of my fingers and just watches me. It’s a look that I honestly wasn’t sure would ever happen back during our NICU experience.

He is starting to pay more attention to toys and grabbing them. He also likes to watch Henry when he walks by. And he thinks Caity and Parker are just the funniest people ever. They both melt every time he smiles at them. He has found his toes but can’t seem to catch them just yet. You can bet once he does they are gonna go right into his mouth. He also found Daddy’s beard and loves to yank on it when he isn’t getting his milk fast enough.