TJ’s 1/2 Birthday

This past month TJ turned into a little boy right before our eyes. I can’t believe he is 6 months old already. 2020 has been such an emotional roller coaster and I am sad only ONE of his 6 months has been normal. He spent his first month of life in the NICU followed by a month of normalcy then 4 months in quarantine with no end in sight.

We have reached the drunk octopus in a bar fight stage. He is such a wiggler and can throw a mean right hook if you aren’t careful. He loves grabbing and reaching for things including Robs beard and my hair.

He started blowing raspberries and bubbles in addition to his conversation like coos. He is all smiles now and we have started getting giggles here and there. Parker and Caity almost always seem to be able to get him to giggle, he just loves his brother.

He has been a bit crabby and drooling like crazy so it was no surprise that we learned he already has 1 tooth that has broken through with 2 more on the way. Ekkkk little chickelet chompers!!!

We’ve seen a huge jump in his gross motor skills as well. He will rock from side to side, roll tummy to back, reach for things, and push off with his legs to scoot towards something. His leg strength is also really impressive.

He made a big jump this month with a lot of his gear. We said goodbye to the playmat, swing, and infant bathtub!!!

We introduced him to the jumper and he loves spinning himself around to play with all of the different toys. It has kept him entertained for up to 30 minutes so far! He is still a little short and needs a shelf for his feet to hit the ground. My favorite is when I can work from the couch and they kids can entertain him from the pool, lol.

Another upgrade was replacing his indoor swing with an outdoor one on the kids play set which he was on when we heard his first giggles.

A favorite upgrade of mine is when they move from the infant tub to a laundry basket in the big bath tub! TJ just loves the water and can explore a lot more in this larger space. Now he just needs some toys!

He also had a few fun “firsts” this month including…

His first dip in the pool –

I know he doesn’t look amused here but I promise he loved it! The kids loved having him in the water and making him smile by going under and jumping up. Our stock tank pool is the perfect size for our family.

His first concert –

We went to see Brad Paisley live at a drive in concert. It was very organized and each car got 4 spots so it was easy to social distance. TJ loved the music and had no problem snoozing at the end.

Most importantly, he FINALLY got to meet his Uncle Tim who he is named after. I was so wonderful for Tim to finally be able to make the trip. My heart was so happy when Tim finally got to hold him.

TJ now knows what is bottle and milk looks like and he will grab for it. He still prefers holding our fingers over hold the bottle but we are working on that. He will also only drink it cold. Still 4 oz about 6 times a day and his biggest stretch is about 8pm-6am.

Since he is only 4 months adjusted we can’t start Baby Led Weaning yet which I was a little bummed about. Our Pedi gave the go ahead for frozen fruits and veggies in a mesh teether and then start at 7 months. He is reaching for and showing interest in everything that we are eating, I forgot how adorable that is. At his check up he weighed in at 16 pounds (18th%) and 26.5 inches (37th%).

Pumping is still happening although I did drop down to 4 sessions a day. Some exciting news, probably more for me than anyone else, I froze my 1,000 oz of BM! If we keep on this track I will be able to stop the end of August if I want him to get 1/2 and 1/2 until he is a year old. OR if I can keep up this supply I can stop at the end of October to get him 100% BM until he is a year.

I will go into a little more detail in a Sibling Snapshot I am working on BUT in the meantime, here is one of my favorite recent photos of all 3 kiddos. Parker and Caity just love their little brother and he just thinks they are they funniest people ever. Always smiling and watching them. They are so good with him and are always trying to help us with diaper changes, feeding, and keeping him happy.

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