Medal Monday: Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend

This past weekend I participated in the Tamarack Ottawa Race WeekendI ran the 10k which is the only IAAF Gold Label 10k event in Canada and one of only four in the world. I didn’t know when I registered that I would be running behind some of the fastest runners in the world. Wow were they impressive!

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Parker & Caity’s Favorite Books

Earlier this morning I shared the kids finished reading nook over on my craft blog, My Crafting Attic. Since we were on the subject of  books I thought it would be a good time to share some of Parker and Caity’s current favorites. While they have tons of books to choose from I find that they usually pull out the same ones again and again. Usually when I try to introduce a new book they are hesitant but quickly gets added to the favorites pile.

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Small Business Shout-out: Paparazzi Skirts

I love giving my business to crafty moms running their own small shops. Helping to support their dreams and getting adorable custom items is a win win in my book. Since most small businesses rely on positive reviews and word of mouth I always love to give a shout out when I can.

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SHOPPERS Love. You. Run for Women


This past February I finally found the spark I had been waiting for. The spark motivating me to make myself a priority and start taking care of myself. Over the next year I will be participating in a variety of k, 10k, and half marathons leading up to the 2018 Disney Fairy Tale Challenge. Read More

Caity at 30 Months

This little munchkin continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

At night we now cuddle in the recliner after story and she watches me look through IG asking to see pictures and videos of her and Parker. Then she lays in her crib and falls asleep. She still fusses but it’s getting better each night. But I have to leave her door open and promise to come back. Maybe 1-2 times a week she wakes in the middle of the night and ends up in bed with us. She is sleeping with a pillow, blanket, her baby, and one of many A&A blankets. We have a sound machine still going in her room and I just made her a new night light for her room she loves!

Caity is loving daycare more and more each day. Most days she happily says good bye. She sleeps on the cot there and Bald Cat often comes up for a cuddle once she is snoring. Apparently there is a stand off most lunch times regarding her vegetables but Ms. R always wins. She can name all her friends and talks about them often. Read More