Parker (3 Years & 2 Months)

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This has been a pretty busy month for Parker.

We took a long trip home to NJ where he got to spend a lot of time with Chief, Bam, AhAh, and Nick. Chief took him on long rides in the orchard and Bam played hookie to take a trip to Rices. We spent the days playing and relaxing and the evenings with some of my friends and family. Parker and Grace (my cousins daughter) had a play date which was pretty hilarious to watch.

Then we took a trip to Canada to look for a new home. Parker did really well in the car and was very friendly to everyone we met. We visited a few playgrounds and he tried to meet some of the kids but most seemed to only speak French. We’ll have to work on that as soon as we get there. He loved riding on Rob and my backs around the city visiting the canal. It was his first official trip out of the country, something I didn’t do until I was 21 years old.

We finished off in Disney where Parker got to meet Mickey and all of his friends. We went to several character meals where they came around for photos and to sign books. I think his favorite was Jake. He was pretty timid at first with all of the characters but in most cases warmed up quick enough for a photo. His favorite were the roller coasters. He couldn’t get enough of them and was so upset when we went on ones he was too small for. He LOVED taking the train and slept all by himself in the bed through the whole night.

He certainly has him moments and some of the things he does right now are a little concerning. It’s hard to know what is typical of a 3 year old and what might be a little more. He has started almost growling at people and kids at times. He also tries to kick Caity a lot when they are on the bed or floor playing. Sometimes he freaks out for no reason at all and he completely ignores the word no. I have noticed that his worse times are when he is tired or there is a lot of outside stimulation. Right now we are trying to take it one step at a time and try to remind ourselves that he is three and not meant to sit still, be quiet, and understand consequences.

One super exciting this about this month is that he started potty training himself while we were in Disney. It was totally unexpected. It started with Rob asking him to try and go on the potty. He did. From there he went every time we asked him to try and even told us ahead of time. We still have a long way to go but most of his diapers have been dry over the past week.

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Caity’s 11 Month Update

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This Time Around
Things are different and I have learned to except that. It’s been 11 months since I have had a full nights sleep but that doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore. It’s been 11 months since I spent the night away with Rob but that doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore.

You are more mobile that Parker was which keeps me on my toes.

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Caity has started self weaning her nursing sessions during the day unless we are home and she is napping. She has taken to a sippy of water during meal time to keep her fluids up. Since we still bed share at night she nurses on and off although that has also decreased in the last month.

I also think has started saying boob when she wants to nurse but it comes out ba-ba. It’s pretty cute.

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Milestones & Memories
Caity has been quite the travel bug this month.

We spent the beginning of her 11 month in New Jersey visiting my parents. It had started out as a short trip but I decided to stay a little longer. We had a lot of fun in the evenings and on the weekends with Bam and Chief.

We ended up getting approved unexpectedly for a house hunting trip to Canada. It was very last minute but I am so glad we were able to go. We ended up finding a house and starting the process which means less time in a hotel when we arrive. We had fun exploring the city and playing on a few of the play grounds. It’s hard to believe she maybe walking by the time we get there.

The end of Caity’s 11 month in Disney. We took the Auto Train, which was amazing, and are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort. She is a little timid around the characters but loves the rides. I have a feeling she is going to be my little daredevil in a few months.

She LOVES relaxing in her float in the pool, especially when the canopy is on. She also doesn’t mind all the attention she gets because of how dare cute she looks.

She LOVES playing games with us like peek-a-boo. She also tries to give us her food but then takes it away when we try to eat it. Sometimes she even does it when she doesn’t have anything in her hands.

She LOVES to sleep with one foot on top of us or a pillow. It’s hilarious to watch her in her sleep raise her foot to rest it on something.

She HATES when we try to wipe her mouth after mealtime, when we try to put her in the crib or P&P, and when her brother tries to take a toy away from her. She is very vocal and will let you know how unhappy she actually is.

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Letter to Caity
It’s so much fun watching you start to interact with your brother and us. You love being silly, having fun, and playing games. You are curious about everything and want the freedom to explore everything around you even though you never let us leave you site. I love watching you sleep at night. I guess that is why I am in no rush to transition you to the crib. Throughout the night I feel you checking to make sure I am right there. I can’t describe how amazing that feeling is for me. To know that you feel safe with me by your side.

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Parker’s Year Three Favorites

Parker's Year 3 Favorites

Pro-Ball Set  |   LeapFrog LeapPad3  |  LEGO Duplo Fire Truck  |  Step2 Roller Coaster
Fisher-Price Medical Kit  |  LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics

Iv’e noticed that as Parker gets older he seems more interested in outside play than inside quiet play. This kid has a TON of energy to burn so I keep the Pro-Ball Set in car along with some other toys and try to get out every day. But with an infant I need to have some engaging activities he enjoys at home for her nap times.

He seems to enjoy imaginative play so dress up, his Fisher-Price Medical Kit and LEGO Duplo Fire Truck are great quiet activities he can engage in with or without me. He loves using the medical kit for hist stuffed animals just like Doc McStuffins. I also love the Duplo LEGOs because they are large and safe around Caity.

We had originally bought the Step2 Roller Coaster off a yard sale group on Facebook for Parker’s carnival birthday party. Since we ended up moving we hosted a much smaller celebration during one of our play dates. We talked about reselling it but Parker just loves it and Caity seems to be waiting until she is big enough to join in. We decided to keep it and bring it out on those rainy and cold days when cabin fever starts to set in.

His LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics stays on our fridge and is a great way to engage him when we are cooking in the kitchen. I love that it is small enough to travel, cane be turned completely off, and keeps him occupied for quite some time with all of the letters and interactive possibilities.

Rob and I went back and forth on getting him the LeapFrog LeapPad3. We wanted something that would occupy him at appointments, dinner at restaurants, or when we just needed him to sit for a little while. I didn’t want him to get hooked on video gamers per-say but was pleasantly surprised when I tried one out. While it is a game there is a huge educational component. Right now he has Disney Octonauts which is science based, Doc McStuffins which is problem solving based, and Letter Factory which is reading based.

He certainly has a lot of other toys and games but these are a good mix of his favorites and the ones we tend to reach for first.

Life With Two: 3 Years 1 Month & 10 Months

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I know I will probably jinx myself but even through the threenage tantrums, Wonder Weeks, and bed-sharing nights things are getting easier. I have my good and bad days but when it comes to multitasking them, I am getting pretty good. I’ve had to get creative with dual bath times solo and trying to spend more time caring for my appearance.


Iv’e made it a point to go out with them by myself as much as possible and it’s finally starting to pay off. I can manage both at the park, in the mall, and during meals. Caity is really getting good eating on her own so I spend the most time prepping both of their meals. A few of my favorite gadgets that I will be talking about in this weeks Tipful Thursday post certainly make that all much easier.

Even at home I am getting better at multi tasking with them. Learning where to put them or how to engage them so I can shower, get chores done, and even have a few hours to blog each day. It’s certainly been easier and at the same time harder in the apartment. I love having everything so close. I can be cleaning, putting away laundry, doing the dishes, and even working on my computer while they play.

I am still struggling with the best nap schedule for them. When we are home Caity can take up to a 2 hour nap in the morning. But then she isn’t ready for an afternoon nap when I put Parker down. His afternoon nap, usually 3+ hours, is just now starting to affect his bed time. On most nights they both are not ready to go to bed until about 9. If we don’t push it earlier, they both usually go down super easy. Parker sleeps until 6-8 am and Caity has 2-3 wake ups to eat. After the first one she spends the rest of the night in bed with me. If her brother doesn’t wake her she is happy sleeping until 8 or 9 am. In a perfect word Caity would take a morning nap for an hour, they both would go down for 2 hours in the afternoon and be ready for bed at 8. Obviously we don’t live in a perfect world so I am not expecting that schedule anytime soon. I am almost thinking that have a split schedule for afternoon nap maybe better. I wouldn’t have any time to myself but then I would get some one-on-one time with them which is rare.


I decided to take a risk and bring both kids for their well visits together. Oh boy was that a *%&# show. If one wasn’t crying the other was. If one was running around the other was wiggling about. And during the actual check up they were distracting the doctor left and right. We walked out with two healthy kids and memories that make me smile.





Their love for each other blows my mind and melts my heart everyday. Parker can’t seem to leave her alone which causes a lot of tiffs but I know he just wants to be around her. She lights up every time he walks into the room and when he isn’t around she is looking for him. She also has a specific pitched screech which I think is her calling for him.

She isn’t saying any words yet but she has these various screeching noises that I swear are her trying to communicate with Parker. She also has no problem making fun on him and mocking him when he is trowing a tantrum.

Next week I am going to share some of my favorite products that have helped with two kids. They have made life a lot easier and given me a chance to step away every so often to pee or make a meal.

Sleeping at 10 Months - Watermarked

Parker & Caity 10 Months - Watermarked

Parker (3 years 1 month)

I can’t bring myself to stop these monthly updates. He seems to be growing and experiencing new things each day and I just love looking back over the last 3 years. As Caity is loosing her baby features I find myself looking back at Parker in disbelief of how fast he has grown.

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There are several things I noticed over the last month that was new for Parker.

Thanks to a complete douche bag in our apartment complex Parker has developed a sense of fear. They did some after market modifications to their car making it unbearably loud, especially in a parking garage. For whatever reason he feels the need to reeve up his engine. The noise is so loud, loud enough to damage Caity’s hearing in my opinion. Luckily he seems to have moved out but the damage is already done. For some reason the noise reminded Parker of a dragon so every time we head to our car he says he doesn’t want to be scared of the dragon. We started saying, “don’t worry buddy I got you”. Now every time he leaves he says, “I don’t want to be scared of the dragon, you got me Daddy”. It’s adorable but heartbreaking at the same time.

Within the last few weeks Parker has really started to sing along to his movies and shows. His memorization is actually quite good. He can almost repeat the entire Finding Nemo movie. His favorite part is when Dori is speaking humpback whale and loves mimicking her right in the middle of a busy store causing everyone to look at us thinking, “what the hell?”. He has also started to dance along to music which Caity gets a kick out of.


Although we have had some pretty hot days, we have tried to go to the park as much as possible so Parker can exhaust some energy. I love out local playground. You can see the planes coming in, it’s right next to a metro line, and there is both a playground and water play area. All of Parker’s favorites in one place.


During the 4th weekend we went to Kings Dominion and a local fair where Parker had the chance to go on some rides. He LOVES it, especially roller coasters. I am even more excited now for our trip to Disney this summer. Between his new love for fast rides and all of the Disney characters he now knows it is going to be a blast.

Photo Jul 22, 4 41 17 PM

More and more Parker is finding ways to challenge his boundaries and test Rob and I. Lately he doesn’t listen when I ask him to stop, usually when he is getting too rough around Caity. He has started imitating some scenes from movies that out of context are at best awkward and worst completely embarrassing. He also has started acting out when we are giving attention to Caity. I knew this was normal with a second child but surprised it took 10 months to start. With all the changes that have happened over the last few months and the ones that are yet to come we are trying to take things one day at a time.

Photo Jul 20, 10 51 37 AM

We’ve been in NJ for the last two weeks and Parker has been able to do some really fun things. Chief, AhAh, and Nick took him to the local airport where there is a cafe right on the runway so you can watch the planes go out and come back in. Then he spent the afternoon playing in the pool and eating yummy watermelon.


On that Sunday we attended the Day Out with Thomas event. There was tons of fun activities for kids to do, a nice gift shop, and then a 30 minute train ride on Thomas. Parker was so excited and talked about his ride for the next week straight.