Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Since Rob and I are doing a dinner date night I decided to get up a little earlier and make a family breakfast. I have to admit it was a nice way to start the morning but on the average day I’d rather get the extra 30 minutes of sleep ūüėČ Read More

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

The last 5 weeks have been rough to say the least… I try to keep this a fun and happy place but ya know, sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned.

I ran myself pretty ragged before Christmas focusing on my business. I am so incredibly grateful for all of the support but a little bummed I ended up running out of time for¬†some of my favorite Christmas traditions. Then the week before Christmas Parker ended up taking a trip to the ER for a concussion and the next day Caity’s school called and she had lice. Rob and I went into survival mode and did what needed to be done. We ended up leaving for NJ a few days earlier than planned which meant¬†we never decorated the tree and I ran out of time to take photos for our Christmas home tour. Read More

Caity’s 28th Month Update

This little girl is growing before my eyes…


Her favorites phrases right now are,¬†“what dat?!?”, “hi Dad”, “Parker NO!!!”, and “ppaaaallleeeeezzzzzzzz”. She will also start counting down when she hears us doing it. She doesn’t take crap from her brother anymore and you can usually¬†find him in a head lock if there is a disagreement. She loves taking care of her baby dolls and pushing the stroller around the house. She calls all of them dolly expect her favorite, which is baby. She is still a very good eater but prefers strawberries, yogurt, and gold fish. When the door bell rings she immediately says,
“pizza here!”. <– Mom fail right there… She loves getting her hair combed and¬†brushing her teeth, although it’s mostly just sucking the water from her toothbrush.

Sammy & Sophia’s Favorite Accessories


Over the last few years I have collected quite a few outfits for Sammy and Sophia that I just adore. They mostly wear the aviation jacket and plaid skirt but every once in awhile they come back from the North Pole in a different outfit, sometimes specific to the mischief they have gotten themselves into. Here are a few of our favorites!


Aviator Jacket | Plaid Skirt & Boots | Robe | Boys T-Shirts | Pjays | Girls T-Shirts | Tuxedo | Satin Tiered Skirt

The robes are definitely for the marshmallow bath and the pajamas are perfect for Christmas Eve morning. The t-shirts are new this year and I am excited to start changing them out throughout the month as well.


Sammy & Sophia Are Back!!!

There are so many things I love about the Christmas season.¬†Time with family, the cold weather, decorating the tree, cookies, and watching the joy on Parker and Caity’s faces. Most of all though, I think it’s our elves Sammy and Sophia. Planning out a month of fun things for them to be doing really keeps me in the spirit of wonder and excitement all month. Not to mention watching the kids faces every morning as they look to see what mischief they got in.


Last year I created a calendar to help facilitate Sammy and Sophia’s daily movements. It made things much easier and a lot more fun!¬†Out of all of them these were probably my favorite.


This year I want to incorporate a little decorating and family oriented. Sammy and Sophia stick to more lighthearted mischief and role model good behavior. I also don’t focus much on them reporting back to Santa although desperate times we casually remind Parker that Sammy has an in with Santa.