Caity’s 19th Month Update


19 Month

Little Miss is learning the power of words and isn’t afraid to use what she knows! Her voice is so feminine and dainty it’s adorable. She has also developed a very unique and powerful scream that comes out anytime she wants us to know she is unhappy.

We finally gave her bangs. I hated when hair was getting in her eyes and she refused to keep hair ties in. So one night after bath I sat her on the counter and gave her bangs. They aren’t straight but now I can see her beautiful blue eyes all the time.

We finished weaning this month… I had to start pushing it in preparation for our adult vacation to Vegas. She wasn’t happy with it at first but slowly got use to the idea. She still comes over and pulls my shirt away from me making sure my boobs are still there while saying, boob. She still loves to to nestle up in my arms and lay her head on my chest. Those moments are so precious and wouldn’t trade them for the world. And then out of nowhere she blows a huge raspberry on my chest.

She follows Parker around wherever he goes and wants to do what ever he is doing. They fight like true brother and sister…. One minute pushing each others buttons and a few seconds later cuddling with each other.

Anniversary Weekend

I can’t believe it has been five years already! I can’t even remember what life was like without Rob in it, and even if I could I certainly don’t want to. Although this is our 5th anniversary, it’s only our 3rd together. The first and third years he was deployed and I was pregnant. Still we manage to take a photo every year to document our growth over the years.

4 Years Collage watermarked

As I look back it’s kind of crazy to think how many moves, deployments, and life changing events have happened in just five short years. I’d have to say that although we made some mistakes along the way we really have worked well as a team and continue to grow individually and as a couple. We jumped into parenthood rather quickly so there wasn’t much of a chance to define ourselves as a couple first. Now that the kids are older we are finding more time to dedicate to “us” with date nights and even our first vacation alone (thanks Bam & Cheif!). While I love being a family I am very excited to continue reconnecting with the man I fell in love with five years ago.

I always like to do a quick countdown to recap some of our most memorable moments…

Five different homes. Three houses, 1 apartment, and even a hotel. We never planned to move around that much but we continue to evaluate our families needs and intentionally find the best solution for those needs. I have loved making every house feel more like a home for us, no matter how big or small it was.

Four awesome vacations to Disney, OBX, and a house hunting trip to Canada. Lots of pre planning, packing lists, and patience made each one a blast even through those unplanned moments.

Three deployments. Two of which were when I was pregnant and both of which were planned before we knew we were. I can’t believe how much I miss him when we are apart for even a week. How on earth did I survive? Maybe I did that, just survived. I hope we don’t have anymore of those in our future although it’s always a possibility.

Two amazing children. I can’t put into words how Parker and Caity have completed our family. It isn’t always perfect and certainly not always pretty but it’s true, honest, and absolutely amazing.

One graduation from a masters program. Just before Caity was born Rob started Command Staff College at Quantico. It was certainly difficult having a newborn around but he worked hard and we are all so proud of him.

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On Saturday, our actual anniversary we spent the day as a family. Having been away from Rob for 2 weeks it was the perfect way to spend the evening. We tried out a cute little breakfast place called Flap Jack Pancake Shack. It was AMAZING. Then we stopped by the Aviation Museum. The kiddos had fun running around the open space and playing in all of the simulations. Later that night we put the kids to bed and made a nice dinner, relaxed on the couch, and watched a movie. It was such a wonderful day and very true to us. Next month we will be going on a kid free vacation to celebrate a little more!

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On Sunday the sitter came and we spent the afternoon out. We enjoyed a nice quiet lunch and then saw Garth Brooks in concert. Erin from LuLaRoe Erin’s VIP was sweet enough to send this beautiful dress to wear for the concert. Our seats were SO close we really felt like part of the concert. He is an amazing performer and I just adore Trisha Yearwood. They were beautiful together so loving and so supportive of one another on stage.

Erin Shara Campaign


It was a wonderful weekend and although it was very busy I find myself starting the week energized with a reminder of how much I am loved and how lucky I am. <3

Caity’s 18th Month Update


18 Month

It’s hard to believe Caity is already a year and a half but then I see her run past me like a flash of lighting, followed by a lot of thunder, and realize how possible it is! We call her our little “progress sniper” because she has a habit of wrecking anything in her path. She is following her brother everywhere and wants to do anything and everything he does. She loves snacking, especially on Puffs.

We started attending a music class and she absolutely loves it. She claps, tries to sing along, and loves playing with all the instruments. It’s a great activity to introduce little ones to different instruments and melodies.

She is doing great sleeping on her own through the night. Rob has mastered putting her down in the evenings. I decided it was time to phase out nap time cuddles so I could better balance other things. She still likes when I hold her hand until she drifts off. We did get one more cuddle/nurse session in before I left for the weekend to watch a friends kids. Which leads to our biggest milestone, she went without nursing for 2 1/2 days! Apparently she did great and didn’t ask at all. I thought maybe it was over… Her first words to me when she saw me, “boob”. Oh well, we have a few more weeks before vacation to completely stop.

She is really getting to know certain routines. She sees us getting ready for dinner and helps put the placemates on the table. When we start saying it’s time to go she will go get her shoes and sit down. After dinner she knows it’s time to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Morning are always boob and then cuddles while we slowly wake up for the day. And when she hears that door open it means Daddy is home and starts breathing heavy and stomping her feet until she is in her Daddy’s arms.

It’s amazing to see how adventurous she is compared to where Parker was at her age. He only started waking at 18 months and she is climbing jungle gyms and going down slides on her own. She is quite the daredevil and I am going to have to be very careful with her climbing on, up, and over things. I’ve even noticed she is already starting to throw and kick balls. Perhaps she will be the family athlete…?

Her words have exploded over the last week but my absolute favorite by far is “mooie” which she repeats over and over again anytime she see a remote, TV, or iPad. It’s so stinking cute and when she knows you are putting something on she starts to giggle and shake her head yes.

She is in 12-18 month clothes although most of her outfits now consist of LuLaRoe Mommy & Mini sets 🙂 She is about 25 pounds depending on whether or not you weigh her before or after a meal. It’s hard to tell how many teeth she has at the moment, several are coming in at once. Her eyes are still that “stop in your tracks and stare” blue and her hair is growing out nicely in a light brown color which makes her eyes pop even more.

I find myself missing her infancy already but having so much fun watching her become a little girl.

18 Month Collage

Our Year In Review – 2015

As anxious as I always am in celebrating the New Year it’s important to take a look back and reflect on the past year. This one has certainly been a doozy with some bumps in the road but we have pulled through with flying colors. Here is a quick look back on 2015.

From our family to yours we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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