Christmas 2015 in Photos

It’s hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone already. It wasn’t the white Christmas we had hoped for moving to Canada and all but Mother Nature has redeemed herself over the last few days. Our weekend was filled with heartfelt traditions, good company, yummy food, and lots of laughs.












My personal favorite tradition is opening ornaments on Christmas Eve.




My Dad reading Twas the Night Before Christmas, a 32 year tradition.



X-Mas Gifts

The kiddos were a little overwhelmed with all their new toys so we spent the day slowly opening things up. I think the favorites are Caity’s L&L Car and Parker’s building blocks.


Parker couldn’t wait to take his new digger to the park and play in the sand.


We decided to get a sitter and all go our for an adult dinner. It was nice to sit down and enjoy a meal while being able to pay attention to the conversation!

25 Days of Christmas: Spreading Cheer

In past years one of my favorite parts about the holidays were the cards. I loved coming up with a theme, taking photos, designing a card, and even stamping them. The problem is it can get very expensive. While I know family loves to receive the cards we thought this year we would spend the $100 is usually costs and spread some cheer to others. We used the money to buy toys for Toys for Tots, purchased $5 gift cards to give to a few people we regularly see at the stop light by our home, and also donated to the Alex Gruenburg Memorial Scholarship. He was a dear friend who was always thinking of others before himself.

That doesn’t mean that we didn’t do the photo shoot though!

DSC_4863 watermarked

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Weekend of Snuggles, Crafts, & Treats

After a very busy week of taking care of the kids and my mom who is recovering from surgery I was so happy to see the weekend come. My sister and her fiancee came to visit and it was by far has been the most relaxing and productive weekend I have had in months. I just found myself missing the hubs who is still back in Canada quite a bit.

Saturday morning Chief made breakfast and then my sister, fiancee, and I headed off to take some engagement photos. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the living room watching football with a nice warm fire going. It was the perfect atmosphere to edit their photos and even get their Save The Date done.

Parker has been talking about helping my Dad pick apples in the backyard for weeks. Since it’s towards the end of apple season my Dad snuck out and put apples down from the store. Then he took Parker on a tractor ride to find the “best apple tree”.

DSC_3039 - watermarked

It was so adorable! Parker hadn’t picked up more that 4-5 apples and crawled back in his wagon to, “watch us pick up the rest.” Then he helped me make some apple sauce and a yummy apple pie.


And sweet delicious apple sauce. Which I might add is so easy to make I don’t think I will ever buy store bought again!


Saturday night we  snuck out that night to go see the new Hunger Games movie. I came home to two kids awake so we all crawled into bed together. I think I spent an hour just staring at both of them in awe of how lucky I am.

Sunday morning the kids woke up early so I decided to ceize the opportunity and make breakfast for everyone. I mean, cinnamon rolls from the can count, right…? Parker helped me make Chiefs coffee and then we woke everyone up. We had another lazy day following breakfast of football, snacks, and a cozy fire.

DSC_3011 watermarked

I also was very productive and knocked out another one of my projects for the 25 Days of Christmas Crafts mini series I am doing in December.


Could have asked for a better weekend. Hoping for another once Rob is here and we are all together.

Happy Halloween!

I love the month of October. Hoodie weather, colorful leaves, apple cider, pumpkin picking, and of course Halloween. Having kids certainly makes dressing up a little more fun. Since things have been so hectic here lately I was lucky to come across costumes for the kids and myself fairly easy. A good friend let us borrow an adorable Mickey Mouse costume for Parker. It fit perfectly and was very comfortable! The Mickey hands are from Robs childhood and are used daily when the kids are dressing up. They were the perfect touch although they didn’t stay on long.


Caity was Alice since the dress my mom had made for her ONEderland birthday was just too cute not to wear more than once. I can’t believe how much they have grown in just a year!

2014 and 2015 Halloween

I recently joined a few local FB groups online for moms. It’s such an easy way to make new friends, especially when you are new to the area. A few of us met up at a local mall to show off the kiddos costumes and have lunch. It was great to get out with some other moms and little. I participated in the Teal Pumpkin Project this year and that night we gave out Play Doh and glow sticks to the kiddos. They were certainly a hit and even a few parents stopped to say thank you.


When it was time to take Parker out he said he wanted to stay and help me give out treats to “his friends”. Not really wanting candy around the house we didn’t push the issue.


That night we decorated pumpkin cookies which Parker had a blast doing. Caity was a little too impatient and started eating hers before it was even decorated.

Halloween Cookies

One Month As Canadians

I can’t believe we have been here over a month already. Aside from the office/craft room we are just about done unpacking and decorating. This has definitely been my favorite house to decorate so far. You will see why in the coming weeks when I reveal some of my favorite rooms in the house.

Although there isn’t a huge cultural change moving from the US to Canada there have been a few things that caught my attention over the last month that I thought would be worth remembering later on when we look back at this experience. Overall I love that the primary language is English, all signs are in English (and also French), their currency is’t too different than ours, and there are many chain stores here that we are use to like Michaels and Five Guys.

We now drink milk from a bag and if we want whole milk we grab the 3.25%.

IMG_1181 watermarked

I was so wrong in assuming that all Canadians liked the cold weather and winter. I can’t believe how many have already started complaining about the cold weather.

Canadians CANNOT drive in the rain, at all. But they are super nice and will usually let you in without requiring you to be aggressive at first.

If you don’t understand what something says it means you are on the French side and need to turn it over.

IMG_1180 watermarked

One way signs have no writing on them just the arrow. It’s such a tease and like a blank canvas I want to write all over it.

My absolute favorite is the use of the word “eh?” I can only hope that I catch onto it and start naturally using it in my lingo before we leave.

IMG_1182 watermarked

My Canadian phone auto corrects to cheques, favourite, colour, and fibre. It makes me feel a little more sophisticated!

It’s AWESOME when the exchange rate is in your favor but balancing your budget sucks if you still have a US bank account and credit cards.

And the most surprising and a little disappointing is that Ritz crackers are in a bag….?!?!?!

Ritz Crackers