International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. As I get older I realize more and more what women are capable of. This idea that we are the weaker sexes baffles me. I’ve seen women overcome impossible odds, carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and on a daily basis worry about everyone around them before even caring for themselves. Today is a day to brag ladies. A day to acknowledge your accomplishments and proudest moments.

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SAHM Style Series: #2 LuLaRoe Cassie

Style Board #2


Today’s outfit is a little dressier but every SAHM should have 1 or 2 of those in their closet. It’s a nice go to for date nights or when you actually get the afternoon away from the kids to meet up with a girlfriend for drinks. I know, I know…. That happens like never. But you never know, right!

I don’t have this outfit in my closet yet but I am working on it. I love the Cassie skirt which is very stretchy and compliments any body type. The flowing top conceals some of that mommy pouch while still looking sophisticated. I’m all about small heels anymore so ankle boots are a good way to add some height without the risk of tripping on the Lego land mines as you make your way to the door. Since there is already a beautiful neckline to the shirt I focused on earrings and a nice cuff bracelet to finish the outfit.

To learn more about LuLaRoe and sign up to host a Pop Up visit Victoria Harmelink on Facebook.


About Cherry Blossom Loves #cblsahmstyles

Since becoming a SAHM it’s been a real challenge to keep up with my appearance.  I didn’t realize until recently how much I had let myself go over the last 4 years. I showered maybe 3-4 times a week, never worried about what my hair looked like, and stopped using makeup all together. My wardrobe consisted of black yoga pants, black tank tops, and black shirts. I stopped caring about accessories, purses, and my jewelry started collecting dust. I never looked in the mirror and hated being in photos with the kids. It was bad and I was miserable.

After bringing it up in a few of my moms groups I found out it’s more common than I thought, more importantly I wasn’t alone. I decided enough was enough and I needed to stop making excuses. I started shopping around for fun clothes again, which lead me to participating in my first LuLaRoe Pop Up on Facebook. All the sudden my closet was full of color, fun patterns, and even cute dresses! From there I started investing in accessories and paid more attention to my appearance and how much time I spent taking care of myself each day.

I realized part of the problem is finding fun yet practical and reasonably priced clothing. I decided to take on the challenge and this mini series to share some of the stores, brands, and outfits that fit my needs as a stay at home mom.

You can follow along on Instagram using the hashtag #cblsahmstyles

Motherhood Confessions: Make Up Your Mind Kid

Today’s Motherhood Confessions is short and sweet but I think most of you 2+ parents will be able to relate….

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Dear Caity,

We put your brother in time out because he was being too rough with you. It’s doesn’t help when you giggle or go over to sit with him while he is in time out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute. But it sends mixed signals and makes it hard for mommy to keep a straight face.  Further defiance will force me to step away leaving you to fend for yourself.

That is all. Keep being adorbs.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

10 Daily Thoughts Of A Mother

Let’s face it… Motherhood isn’t glamorous. We aren’t perfect, unless you are a sanctimommy, then you can do no wrong. And during the course of any given day our feelings for our kids can go from wanting to rip our hair out to not being able to give enough kisses. The good days are great and the bad days end in wine, lots of wine. We have been house bond for quite awhile settling into our new life in Canada and I began to notice a few common thoughts I have daily.

10 Thoughts v2


10 – Holy hell kids are hard, like freakin hard.

9 – I will pay someone $25 to change whatever is in that diaper.

8 – Okay, it’s time to stop FB stalking all my friends who don’t have kids.

7 – I just want to sleep for 5 consecutive hours, just once.

6 – Hoooowwwwww can you possibly still be hungry for more food?!?

5 – How can I possibly look you straight in the eye and scold you for something I think is hilarious?!?

4 – Where is the duct tape, I won’t use it, I just want to have it in sight.

3 – How the heck do I hide my indulgences in the car now that P is forward facing….?

2 – Wait I’m confused… Are you Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? I can’t seem to keep up.

1 – Wait till I tell your first relationship what you just did!

Please tell me I am not alone in some of these. Have any to add?

Motherhood Confessions:
I started this series over a year ago in hopes of opening up a little more about my experiences as a mother. Although I like to make this blog a happy place, motherhood often throws us curve balls. We are emotionally and physically challenged daily and sometimes at the end of the day we go to sleep with regrets. Did I yell too much? Did they not get enough attention? Why did I let them eat chicken nuggets? The truth is, we aren’t perfect and that’s okay! Life isn’t suppose to be Pinterest perfect. We can focus on those moments, but sometimes we need to reflect on the outtakes to get the full picture of motherhood. This series is about being real. Sometimes controversial. But never sugar coated.

Motherhood Confessions: A Picture Is Worth More Than $3

I’ve always known I was a little, okay maybe a lot, OCD. I like things tidy and organized with a place for everything. It’s a little ironic since I am also very crafty and was an art major. I always found a way to keep my paint pallets spotless and paints organized carefully. I have mastered the skill of multitasking and finding ways to organize things come easy so it doesn’t occupy too much time.

Having kids has certainly challenged me more than I could ever imagine. While our house is tidy and organized most of the time I’ve had to give a little and learn to let things go. Over the last 3 1/2 years I have been diligent to make sure all the pieces to toys were accounted for. That larger toys remained inside so they didn’t get dirty. That clothes were carefully looked over before washed to remove every single stain, no matter what it took. It is all very time consuming but I wanted to be able to resell it.

Earlier this week we were at the playground and I had a little epifiny…. I realized that a photo like this was worth much more than the $3 I would get from a consignment sale. That life should be more about getting dirty, even if it means ruining that favorite shirt. And that I can never get these moments back once they are gone.