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Fall Is Here!

I am oh so happy Fall is finally here, it’s not only my favorite season but this year it marks one year as Canadians. It’s beautiful here in the Fall and I have enjoyed crafting with the windows open while the kiddos are at school. I only had time to create a few things for my shop this season but am really excited about what I made. If you are interested you can visit my shop, designsBYmcm on Facebook.






Black & Gold Bridal Shower

DSC_7275 watermarked

I still can’t believe my little sister is getting married. Seems like their engagement is flying by. This past weekend her future MIL, our Mom, and I threw a bridal shower for her. It was a certainly a family affair with everything from the cupcakes to favors handmade by family.

Invitation watermarked

I loved putting her invitation together and it was so easy to get it printed through

Poster watermarked

We also had lawn posters made to help direct guests. Both are available in my shop, designsBYmcm.

Centerpiece collage

The centerpieces were certainly our biggest task, especially all the drinking 😉 J/K Luckily the shower was hosted at a family restaurant with a bar so they collected about 75% of them for us. We purchased flowers from Michaels when they were 40% off and a few cans of spray paint.

DSC_7316 watermarked

DSC_7340 watermarked

The sets looked great on the tables. It took some time to find the right combinations for each so we labeled each set on the bottom so that we could easily clump them together when we arrived.

DSC_7315 watermarked

One of Sarah’s future SIL’s purchased black napkins for us and rolled them into roses. They sat on top of a packet of games to keep the guests entertained which was held together by wine charms.

DSC_7294 watermarked

She also made these adorable ones for the cupcake table!

DSC_7408 watermarked

The prizes were put together by Sarah’s future MIL and they were definitely the hit. She took Mason jars and filled them with different themes such as “I don’t do mornings” full of coffee items and gift cards”, “Bottoms Up” filled with alcoholic minis”, “Fun In The Sun” filled with items for the beach, and “Beauty” filled with different beauty products.

DSC_7326 watermarked


I had a lot of fun putting together the favors. We decided on something homemade and used a play on the words. This sugar scrub is amazing and smells wonderful. I apply it every other day in the shower and it has kept my skin silky smooth. It was also a big hit at the shower and we have received several compliments since then.

Vinyl Signs

Iv’e been on a Silhouette kick so I had to find a few ways to incorporate some vinyl! The ABC Soup Collection at Michale’s is on clearance so I picked up several signs in different sizes for projects.

DSC_7351 watermarked

I made this for both decoration and as part of her gift. It was another ABC Soup item on clearance at Michael’s. I added one of my favorite wedding quotes in vinyl for them to hang in their home.

DSC_7306 watermarked

I also used vinyl to decorate her chair and made a Mr for them to use on their chairs at the receptions.

DSC_7372 watermarked

Rob and I had a blast building the cupcake platform. We seem to work really well together and the end product is never what we initially envisioned. Using items from around the house all we ended up needing was a few 1×4 boards, some screws, and a blow torch.

IMG_8406 watermarked

The base is 3×2 and Rob used 1×1 blocks in each corner for added support.

IMG_8411 watermarked

Once the base was done and the top tentatively laid out we started playing around with different things around the house until we found a combination we liked. We’ve had the crate for what seems like forever and it has served many purposes so I didn’t mind adding it to this project. The cake stand is from Caity’s ONEderland birthday party last September.

Burning Collage

This was probably my favorite part. Rob got the idea of burning the wood instead of staining. The process was a lot quick and a lot easier with a wonderful final result. I see a lot of wood burning in my future.

DSC_7377 watermarked

DSC_7345 watermarked

A family member made these wonderful cupcakes and cake. I love how she decorated them and it fit nicely with the theme.

Date Night Sticks

In addition to games we also passed around large popsicle sticks for everyone to write down some date night ideas for the bride and groom. This was a great activity for guests to do as they entered.

DSC_7388 watermarked

This was also a hit with the guests and several mentioned that they used some of the items. A basket with pretty much anything you could think of, and more, that you might need.

DSC_7284 watermarked

Overall it was a great shower and we had so much fun crafting together beforehand!

DIY Repurposed Dress Up Nook

DSC_6981 edited

One of the many upsides to moving often is the inventory of furniture you can accumulate. Before each move we go through each room and decide what gets donated, goes up for sale, and comes with us. Although quite a bit gets sold or donated we tend to keep those versatile pieces, like bookcases. When I was trying to plan the layout of the playroom I knew it was time to add some dress up to the mix. Parker’s imagination has started to soar and Caity copies almost everything he does. I didn’t want to spend too much money on something so I shopped around the basement and decided to repurpose one of our old IKEA bookcases. This bookcase has moved with us 4 times and has really held up.

Prepping Cabinet

The first step was priming it. I am not an expert in painting furniture so we asked the counter at Lowe’s and this is what they recommended. It seemed to work well and really helped when it came time to paint. I ended up doing three coats to get the deep purple I was looking for. Then Rob used his awesome lazer level to add a clothing bar.

DSC_6975 edited

I’ve become a little obsessed with vinyl and recently saw this quote on Pinterest. With the way my kids dress up, it is perfect for their dress up nook. The mirror was part of a set of three from Winners and the knobs are custom for Amazon (here). Since they are technically drawer pulls I had to drill a hole from the inside out and then insert the screw.

DSC_6983 edited

I created the print in Photoshop and it is available in my shop, designsBYmcm, on Facebook as a digital download for $5.

DSC_6986 edited

Even if they are artificial I love having flowers in every room. Usually I put bouquets together myself but found this at Michaels and loved the combination. I had purchased various sizes of pearls in bulk for a few projects and thought it was a nice addition to the mason jar.

DSC_6931 edited

3M hooks were a great temporary way to hand all of their hats. As their collection grows we can swap them around for the best fit.

DSC_6982 edited

Most of the kids dress up consists of Halloween costumes purchased 75% off after the 31st, consignment sales, and a few are the Imaginarium and Melissa & Doug sets from Toys R Us.

Dress Up Collage

Imaginarium: Train Conductor  |  Vet  |  Pilot    Melissa & Doug: Fire Fighter

Before and After

I am so happy and a little proud with how this turned out. It ended up costing about $20 since the bookcase was repurposed and took a day to prime, paint, and add the embellishments. The kids love it and I have noticed that they are more likely to go over and start playing dress up since everything is visible and organized. Now if they would only learn to use 1 costume at a time!