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DIY IKEA Play Kitchen

The kiddos kitchen has taken on such a personality of it’s own and has certainly been an ongoing project. I finally came to the realization that it will never be complete and I should just go ahead and share what we have done so far. Even now there are 2-3 things on my to-do list to add and tweak.

IKEA Kitchen

We decided on the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen because of its simplicity. It was also somewhat of a blank canvas and allowed us to make some personalizations which is always my favorite part about home decor.

DSC_5841 watermarked

I used vinyl for both the cafe sign and to add some buttons to the microwave.

DSC_5987 watermarked

For a little more storage we added a set of the PLUGGIS bins, a few bins, baskets, and 3M hooks.

DSC_6126 watermarked

DSC_5980 watermarked

Storage Collage

Creating a pantry and fridge were probably my favorite part of this project. We went through about 5 different options before visiting the actual kitchen section of IKEA. We decided on two of their SEKTION wall cabinets (12 x 14 3/4 x 30) and the CAPITA legs. For the fridge we found the GREVSTA stainless steel door (12×30) and a . Rob got a nice piece of birch from Home Depot that he sanded and added a few coats of polyurethane for the top.

DSC_6709 watermarked

DSC_6708 watermarked

A PLUGGIS recycle bin make a perfect ice box for all their frozen goodies. I had been on the hunt for a cash register but wanted to also keep it pretty simple. I loved how simple yet functional the DUKTIG toy cash register was. I may have even used it from time to time when I couldn’t find my calculator 🙂

DSC_6721 watermarked

The menu board was an easy under $5 project using foam core from the dollar store, a paint pen, and some string.

DSC_5997 watermarked

I had found some adorable wire trays at one of my favorite thrift stores and was waiting for the right project to use them. IKEA has plush cupcakes, GRATTIS, in their kids section that fit perfectly and were a great addition to the kiddos bakery.

DSC_5978 watermarked

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little tour of the kiddos play kitchen project. I am working on the final edits of their playroom tour to share with you all later this week!

DIY Car Garage

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are in Jersey visiting family and helping my mom recover from surgery for a little while. It’s the perfect time to catch up on some blogging when I am not distracted by decorating! I managed to get photos taken of the kiddos playroom all finished and I am so excited to share it will you all.

I decided to do a few posts first before the final tour focusing on some of the more ambitious projects we took on. First up was something to organize all of Parker’s cars, helicopters, and airplanes.

DSC_5916 watermarked

I looked around Pinterest and saw some great ideas using crates and toilet paper rolls. I decided to take a look in the basement to see if there was anything I could upcycle. I ended up finding an unfinished 3-tier shelf (JoAnn Fabrics) and 2 narrow unfinished crates (Michaels). I chose Valspar Deep Sea Diving (5001-8C) and used a few coats for extra protection.

DSC_5912 watermarked

The top made a perfect helicopter pad so I used my Silhouette, the Disney font, and vinyl to make the symbol.

DSC_5935 watermarked

Parker’s Aunt, my sister, nicknamed him Buster when he was just a baby. The nickname stuck and I find myself calling him by it daily. I thought is was appropriate to name his garage such. Can you tell I am loving my Silhouette lately?!?


We wanted to add an airplane hanger for all of his planes and larger trucks so Rob made a shelf to sit inside one of the cubbies. We used wood glue to secure supports and then slide in the shelf. Very simple and an easy way to add extra storage.

DSC_5939 watermarked

In most of the examples we saw on Pinterest toilet paper rolls were used. There is no way that would stand up to Buster Boy so we decided to choose 3 different size PVC pipes. Once they were cut we sanded the edges and glued them together with hot glue.


I’m pretty excited about the final product. The design and construction prevents Parker from just dumping all of his collection out so I have noticed a little more intentional play. He likes looking through for specific cars and putting them “back in their home” when he is done.  Some of Caity’s cars are also housed in Bust Boys Garage.

DSC_5927 watermarked


DIY Recipe Holder

Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to share a quick DIY project that I am pretty pleased with. It was overall a quick, easy, and cheap project that has seemed to make significant impact in the kitchen.

My sweet tooth has been getting the better of me lately and I find myself wandering into the kitchen to make something sweet most evenings. Although it’s not a huge deal, it was always annoying to have to sit the recipe against something or tape it to one of the overhead cabinets.


My mom has used this recipe holder for as long as I can remember and by the looks of it that recipe too! I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is rather simple. Having had enough I decided to rummage through my supplies and scraps to see if I could make something similar.

Although it’s a little different, it is perfect for our kitchen and does the trick!

Supply Collage v2

This project took about 20 minutes, since I had to create the printable. I didn’t need to spend any money since I already had the materials but if you needed to purchase them it would be about $8. If you don’t have a hot glue gun at home you could use Gorilla Super Glue. The frame was an after Christmas clearance purchase at Target for a steal.

Helpful Tip: Always look out for red and green items after Christmas on clearance that can be used for Valentines Day and St Patrick’s Day. Thanks for that All Four Love blog!

I was originally going to keep the frame blank but decided to make a print so it served as a decoration when I wasn’t using it to help cook.

DSC_5761 watermarked

DSC_5770 watermarked

DSC_5772 watermarked

As an extra treat I decided to offer this print for free. Just right click on the image and save it to your desired folder.


Kiss The Cook Printable

25 Days of Christmas: Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Growing up Christmas mornings were always busy. We had a short amount of time to open gifts before we had to get ready to go to my Grandmothers house. We never had time for a formal, or even informal breakfast so the tradition of Sour Cream Coffee Cake was started. It’s so yummy and goes perfect with a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee. It’s also easy to snack on while everyone opens gifts.

DSC_5256 watermarked

When I started working on the gallery prints for our dining room I knew that the recipe for this needed to be included. I haven’t done our dinning room reveal yet but here is the print I made with the recipe in case you wanted to try it at home. It’s very easy to make and will impress any guests for breakfast.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake 16x20 watermarked

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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25 Days of Christmas: Spreading Cheer

In past years one of my favorite parts about the holidays were the cards. I loved coming up with a theme, taking photos, designing a card, and even stamping them. The problem is it can get very expensive. While I know family loves to receive the cards we thought this year we would spend the $100 is usually costs and spread some cheer to others. We used the money to buy toys for Toys for Tots, purchased $5 gift cards to give to a few people we regularly see at the stop light by our home, and also donated to the Alex Gruenburg Memorial Scholarship. He was a dear friend who was always thinking of others before himself.

That doesn’t mean that we didn’t do the photo shoot though!

DSC_4863 watermarked

DSC_4777 watermarked

DSC_4790 watermarked

DSC_4869 watermarked

DSC_4888 watermarked

DSC_4993 watermarked

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