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25 Days of Christmas: Minis & Mixers

White elephant gifts have become a staple during the holiday season. There so many directions you can take; completely off the wall, thoughtful, hilarious, or practical. This year we have a few parties to attend and decided to take a fun but practical approach.

DSC_3828 watermarked

I pulled out a few of my Littles Carry-All Caddys from my stash. We filled them with minis, their matching mixers, and added a mug with chiller cubes to round it out.

Jägermeister and Red Bull
Fire Ball and Angry Orchard
Captain Morgan and Coke
Baileys and Hot Chocolate

And a extra shot of Southern Comfort with a lime for fun.

DSC_3838 watermarked

Michaels has their Christmas stuff 60% off already and I found a mini snow hat and scarf in their Merry Mini collection.

DSC_3840 watermarked

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25 Days of Christmas: Decorative Trees

I may have a slight obsession with Christmas trees. It doesn’t matter if they are small, large, real, fake, green, or even white. Right now we have 13 trees in the house ranging in size from 10 inches to 9 feet. They are in the bathrooms, on the mantel, on my desk, in the bedrooms, and even in the kitchen. Each has their own theme and way of spreading cheer in the house. Many of them have been purchased over the years after Christmas for 75 – 90% off. It’s a great way to build a collection on a small budget.

Today I decided to venture slightly away from my design style and decorate three tree shaped cones with unconventional materials. While these type of decorations are becoming very popular, I hadn’t ventured in that direction, until now.

DSC_3809 watermarked

This is another really simple project that can be accomplished with items you have on hand or with a quick trip to Walmart or Michaels. You can use anything you want; glitter, feathers, ribbon, string, wire, and the list goes on.

For mine I used the crochet yarn from my snowballs and the snowman themed Christmas ornament for one tree. It was very easy to wind the materiel around the cone and secure it with a knot. For the second tree I used thick twine which I secured every so often with a dab of glue. The third tree had me stumped but then I came across some ribbon I have had for years (as long as I can remember, actually) that was cinched on the top. I cut several pieces and wrapped them around the tree creating a skirt effect. I purchased Paper Mâché cones from Hobby Lobby (similar here) when I was visiting my Mom last month. You can also use Styrofoam or even make you own using card stock.

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25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Song Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are pretty important traditions in my family. We exchange them every year and Rob even proposed to me with one he had made while we were in Disney. Tomorrow I am attending a cookie and ornament exchange. I’ve been pinning a lot of ornament ideas on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make my own.

I’ve had these glass ornaments for years and just never got around to doing anything with them. I decided to decorate a few to represent some of my favorite classic Christmas songs.

DSC_3781 watermarked

For Frosty I used the same crochet yarn from my snowball project, extra fabric from a tie blanket, and a few buttons.

Hearing the sound of bells jingling always puts me in the Christmas spirit. I have a small collection of bells in various colors that were perfect for a Jingle Bells themed ornament.

Santa is filled with crumpled tissue paper and embellished with construction paper I secured with some hot glue.

Festive. Unique. Fun. Most importantly, easy!

DSC_3790 watermarked

DSC_3793 watermarked

DSC_3797 watermark

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25 Days of Christmas: Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Since we decided not to paint before moving in our walls are mostly a dim white – very light gray color. It’s a nice neutral tone that allows me to accent with lots of colors and patterns. The downside is the boring bare space we have on the second floor.

While looking through Pinterest I saw several ideas for popsicle stick snowflakes. It is a great way to dress up a bare wall for about $2.

I bought the popsicle sticks from the $1 store in two different sizes. Using hot glue I played around with some symmetrical designs. I decided a deep red would look good on the wall and then hot glued some wire on the back so I could hang them with small 3M hooks.

Full disclosure, the chair and Christmas tree belong in our guest room but I borrowed them to make the space in the hallway a little warmer for the holidays 🙂

DSC_3752 watermarked

The littles were really interested in what we were doing so we decided to use the opportunity for a few photos. <3


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25 Days of Christmas: Gift Ideas

Although I love decorating, crafting, and baking during the holidays it’s gift giving that brings me the most cheer. I love spending months finding practical but fun gifts for everyone on my list. Usually I am so excited for everyone to open up their gifts I have to go first!

For Him

LifeStraw Water Filter  |  MasterBuilt Digital Smoker  |  Shave Set  |  Cashmere Scarf  |  Wooden Beer Totes

For Her

Thirty-One Fashion Games  |  Zumba Fitness  |  Hug Your Mug Cup Cozy  |  Cucumber Foot Lotion  |  Morgan & Taylor Well Spent  |  Hell’s Bells


For Them

Crayola My Way  |  Green Toys Helicopter  |  Lamaze My Friend Emily  |  Joovy Tricycoo  |  My Little Farm Stand  |  Dushi Doll Stroller  |  Girls PJs  |   Boy PJs  |  Lovable Labels ZipIt! Tags  | Book

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25 Days of Christmas: Simple Centerpiece

Today I wanted to share a project that I didn’t have planned but decided to do on a whim. It took me less than 10 minutes and instantly brought cheer to our living room nook.

DSC_3640 watermarked

The weather here is unbelievably warm, around 50 today, so I decided to bundle the kids up and walk to Walmart for some fresh air. We needed bananas, milk, and bread so it was the perfect opportunity to get my exercise in for the day and cross something off my to-do list. Our living room nook needed a little more cheer so I decided to browse the craft and holiday section. I came across colored battery-operated timer lights and pine cones. I knew I still had some ornament balls and garland at home and decided to attempt a festive centerpiece for our ottoman.

Materials | tray, garland, pine cones, battery-operated timer lights, glass vase, and ornament balls

Time | about 10 minutes

Difficulty Level | Beginner

I can’t even begin to describe how easy this project was. I first placed the glass vase in the center of the tray. Then filled it with garland and placed the lights around making sure to hide the cord when possible. Finally I filled the holes with pine cones. I happen to grab cinnamon scented ones and the minute Rob got home he said the house smelled of Christmas. <3

This is great for a large kitchen island, ottoman, or even a centerpiece for a table.

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