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25 Days of Christmas: Snowman Slide

Today’s decor project was also our Elf On A Shelf photo! Have you been following #sammyandsophiameyer and all of their mischief?

When we started decorating for Christmas I knew we had to do something fun with our long curved banister. We found some adorable plush snowmen and decided to create a winter wonderland slide. We used snow batting and battery operated timer string lights. It’s a fun way to dress up the banister when you have kids.

DSC_3634 watermarked

Materials | plush animals, batting (similar here), battery-operated timer lights, clear fishing wire, and scissors

Time | About 30 minutes start to finish

Difficulty Level | Beginner

DSC_3631 watermarked

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25 Days of Christmas: Story Time

DSC_3601 watermarked

My kiddos LOVE books. It took Parker awhile to be able to sit down and listen to a whole story. Now he can’t seem to get enough of them at night. I love the idea of reading a different Christmas story each night leading up to Christmas Eve when Rob would read The Soldiers Night Before Christmas and I would read The Night Before Christmas. My Dad has read it every Christmas Eve to my sister and I, even when I wasn’t there.

Books don’t come cheap so I got creative when looking for 24 books. I found many of them at a local second hand book store and the rest were from consignment sales. On average I paid about 75% off retail value.

Some of my favorites in the collection are:

The Snowy Day
If You Take A Mouse To The Movies
Santa’s Toy Shop
Who’s Getting Ready For Christmas
Penguin And The Mystery Footprints
Corduroy’s Christmas
I Spy Little Christmas
The Biggest, Most Beautiful Christmas Tree
Getting Ready For Christmas
Santa’s Littlest Helper Travels the World

Next year I was thinking of wrapping each story so Parker and Caity wouldn’t know which one they were choosing and it was more of a surprise. By then they will also be more efficient at opening wrapped items, right now it takes quite awhile.


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25 Days of Christmas: Snow Ball Fight

Just when I think I’ve gone a little overboard decorating I come across a blog like Cottage in the Oaks and Daune’s beautiful holiday decor style. Her front porch set ups for the seasons are absolutely breathtaking. I fell in love with one of her projects in her Christmas 2012 porch, a snow ball basket.

DSC_3549 watermarked

Thanks to the Dollar Tree and about 45 minutes I was able to put this together and am absolutely giddy. It’s a playful spin on one of my favorite things about the winter, snow ball fights. The opportunity for everyone to fell like a kid again. Not to mention the hot coco you get to enjoy afterwards.

DSC_3533 watermarked

Supplies | Basket ($1 from the Dollar Tree), Foam balls various sizes ($3 from the Dollar Tree) and a roll of crochet yarn $7 (similar here)

I wound the yarn around each of the balls covering them completely and securing with a knot. I love how the texture of the yarn gives a realistic effect. This is a great project to do in front of the TV catching up on your favorite shows. Rob loves when I can find projects to do while we cuddle on the couch. He doesn’t feel neglected and I feel productive, it’s a win win!

DSC_3537 watermarked

Supplies | Wood $2 (similar here), chalkboard paint (similar here), chalk marker, twine, hot glue gun

For the sign I painted a wood card (3 1/2 x 4 1/2) with chalkboard paint and used a chalk marker. I glued twine to the back then weaved it through the basket and secured it with a knot.

DSC_3568 watermarked

I LOVE the way it came out and how simple it was. It also looks cute in front of our pallet Christmas tree stocking holder (which I will be revealing later this month).

DSC_3570 watermarked

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25 Days of Christmas: B is for Believe

I am a little embarrassed to admit it but I believed in a physical Santa for a very long time. My mom tells me one day I came to her very concerned and said I needed to know the truth so one day when I had kids I knew what to do.

Truth is, I still believe. Maybe not in the physical person, but most definitely the spirit of him. I didn’t realize how amazing the spirit of Christmas could be until I had kids of my own. They way their eyes light up every morning when we come downstairs and search for #sammyandsophiameyer. The curiosity on their face as they study the Christmas tree and all the ornaments dangling. The giggles from the kitchen as we make the most delicious mess imaginable.

I believe in the spirit.

DSC_3563 watermarked

This was a very simple project that took about 30 minutes, a few scraps from my studio and some supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Letter B
Red and white paint
Old belt or piece of leather
Gold button, bells, or belt buckle
Santa hat
Hot glue gun

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25 Days of Christmas: Balls & Bells

When it comes to Christmas decorating burlap and lights maybe my favorite, but balls and bells are not far behind. I like to use them in a more nontraditional way around the house to add pops of color in unsuspecting places.


Mixing garland with colorful bells in thrift store vases is a cheap and easy way to add Christmas almost anywhere.

DSC_3497 watermarked


Christmas ball garland is a quick and easy project to dress up your home. All you need is string and a ton of Christmas balls. You can get them cheap at the $1 or wait and buy a pack of them a few days after Christmas on sale. These beauties came from Target, I love the color combination they have in their sets.

DSC_3506 watermarked

DSC_3500 watermarked

While project planning I came across this adorable idea by Rachel from House of Noise. Such a quick and easy way to brighten up your dinning room chandelier. You can also add garland but sadly I completely ran out. Need to wait until after Christmas to get more!

DSC_3517 watermarked

DSC_3526 watermarked

DSC_3532 watermarked

They are even magical at night!

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25 Days of Christmas: Lighted Burlap Garland Tutorial

Burlap and Christmas lights are two of my favorite go to items when decorating our home. It’s easy to incorporate them into centerpieces, wreaths, and even garland. Having the house full of lights at night brings a smile to my face.

When I was browsing Pinterest for some new ideas I came across this adorable Lighted Burlap Garland tutorial from Create Craft Love. I added it to my list to try and tonight I am sharing my final product with a short tutorial.

Burlap Garland Materials

The materials for this project are minimal and you can find both at Target, Walmart, Canadian Tire, and even certain Dollar stores. You can also get burlap cut to order at fabric stores which is cheaper than buying rolls of it. If you want a cleaner look choose stiff burlap as it won’t shed when cut. If you like a slightly messier look a softer more flimsy burlap will do.

DSC_3414 watermarked

I alternated between natural, turquoise, and green. The turquoise gave it a more updated look and really went well with the color scheme in the master bedroom. Originally I had cute 2 inch strips but quickly realized that they were a little too wide to tie so I cut them down to 1 inch strips about 6 1/2 long.

DSC_3429 watermarked

We are still learning the tricks of the trade with night photography but this gives a pretty good feel for how warm the garland makes the bedroom. I have seem some concern about the burlap being so close to a light source but they emit almost nonexistent heat.

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