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DIY Ranch Chex Mix

My Mom has been making her own chex mix for as long as I can remember. It was the perfect snack when we would spend the day at the shore (East Coast Jersey girl here, holla!) Since the holidays are right around the corner I thought it would be the perfect time to share her quick and easy recipe.

Favorite Snacks:
Mini pretzels
Mini Club crackers
Chex cereal
Oyster crackers

Additional Ingredients:
Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix
Vegetable Oil
Large mixing bowl
Microwave safe bowl
Gallon Ziploc bag
Cookie sheet

  • Mix all of your desired snacks together in a large bowl.
  • Separate about 4 cups into a smaller microwave safe bowl and pour 1.5 TBSP of oil in. With a spoon mix thoroughly.
  • Microwave for about 1 minute.
  • Once heated pour snacks into a Gallon Ziploc. Add desired amount of Hidden Valley Ranch Mix, we usually use about 1/4 of the packet. Use less if you prefer it weak or more if you like a strong bold flavor.
  • Shake well and pour mixture onto a cookie sheet to cool.
  • Continue process until all the snacks have been oiled, microwaved, and coated!
  • Store in an air tight container for a longer shelf life.

Back To School

I have to say this day couldn’t come quick enough! Our summer was so much fun but quite exhausting and I have a lot to get ready for our pack out in a few weeks. We decided that even though they would only be attending for 3 weeks it was best to keep them in school in Canada.

Little Miss is entering her first year of “big girl school” in the Junior Kindergarten program. I am so happy she will be with the same teachers Parker had last year, they are pretty amazing. She is most excited to ride the bus and eat lunch at school.

Buster has officially left the Kinder Yard and is making his way to the second floor. Although he isn’t thrilled with the idea of less play time and more work he is pretty excited to be in class with a few of his buddies. He is also excited about getting to participate in the milk and pizza program. He is also excited about showing Caity the ropes and teaching her what she can and can’t do, lol.

All Hallows’ Eve


We spent the weekend entertaining guests, painting pumpkins, attending parties, and eating more candy than we thought possible.


We decided to continue supporting the Teal Pumpkin Project and offered a variety of non food treats for the kids. This was our stash from Walmart which was divided between a Halloween event and then our trick-or-treaters. I decided against the bubbles (pictured left) because they had no markings on them and they were a little shady looking. Well done Walmart, well done.


I gathered up some decorations around the house to dress up the front porch a little for the kiddos.


My parents and Rob took the kids around the block with our neighbor who is in Parker’s class. I found Caity’s costume on clearance last year and just knew she would make the cutest little Care Bear 🙂 Parker picked his outfit out at Costco, mainly for the whistle.


I whipped up a shirt supporting my all time favorite movie, Hocus Pocus, and paired it with LLR bat leggings.


Hope everyone has a fun filled evening with thrills, laughs, and lots of sugar.

Sissy’s Wedding Weekend

This past weekend Rob and I traveled back to NJ for my sisters wedding. It’s hard to believe she is now married and it still takes a moment to recognize her new name on Facebook. We had a fantastic weekend sans kids surrounded by family, old friends, and several new ones.


I was so honored to create several things for their ceremony and reception. Unfortunately I was having so much fun dancing and eating that I didn’t think to take many photos. I am anxiously waiting for the professional ones to be done. They decided on a Lucky In Love theme and we found ways to incorporate various forms of lucky with wishing wells, dandelions, and horse shoes. 14457519_893909935936_4141644552529436257_n

Saturday was busy with manicures, pedicures, and I even got some hair extensions. Then the mini rehearsal, yummy dinner, followed by a hilarious round of Cards Against Humanity. That night I stayed with her for a little Sissy time although we both passed out rather quickly, lol.






The day was beautiful, everything went smoothly, the food was absolutely amazing, and the bride was gorgeous. We spent the evening dancing and toasting the new couple as they start an amazing life together as husband and wife.

My designsBYmcm Adventure

I apologize for being so absent the last few months. You may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram that I have been playing around with my Silhouette and vinyl a lot recently.

Art Wall Decal

Although life is pretty crazy around here I decided it was finally time to take the leap and open up my online shop. Right now it is just through my Facebook Page, designsBYmcm, but I am in the process of creating a shop on My Shopify to make ordering easier.

I really want my shop to be about creating the perfect gift for someone. While I have lots of items listed, I encourage people to message me if they have an idea of something they want so I can make it happen. I continue to add more items weekly and now that I have purchased a heat press I will be adding t-shirts, decorative pillow covers, can covers, and more.

Here are just a few of my favorite items currently listed in my shop.


I will also continue to offer digital birthday chalkboards, birth prints, invitations, and home decor prints as I have in the past.

Collage 2

I am SO excited about this adventure and grateful for all the sales I have had to date. It hasn’t been easy to manage being a SAHM and starting up a business but Rob has been amazing and when I set my mind on something I am pretty much a machine to achieve anything!

Caity’s 10 Month Update

Month 10 version 2 watermark

We ended up extending our stay in NJ so I wasn’t able to do our normal photo shoot with Caity for her 10 month update. We will do a belated one when we return after an unplanned trip up North to Canada for some house hunting.

This Time Around
Caity is crawling around and starting to pull up on things and taking steps with our hands. It’s a few months before Parker started so I am not use to such a little one being so mobile.

Still going strong with no intention on her part to stop. She is nursing in the AM, before both naps, maybe in the evening before dinner, before bed, and then 1-3 times during the night. Luckily I found a few articles that help when responding to criticisms and concerns about her still nursing to sleep.

Normal Infant Sleep: Night Nursing
Needing a Parents Help to Sleep: Why You Child Wants You There
Breastfeeding to Sleep and Other Comfort Nursing

I am slightly anxious for her to hit that 1 year mark so we can try to wean her off most of her nursing sessions. I think it will take a lot longer to completely night wean her but for some reason I don’t feel in such a rush anymore to get that over with.

Milestones & Memories
This month Caity has officially started moving, and she hasn’t stopped since! She is now confidently crawling around and going from crawling to sitting and back again with ease. Every once in awhile she planks and tries to walk on all fours.

She is eating pretty much anything we eat. She loves burrito and pizza night. This past week she has tried two of my favorite recipes from my mom, Sweet & Spicy Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken and LOVED them. She had the Sweet & Spicy leftovers for a few lunches even. Iv’e been giving her a sippy cup with water at each meal to start getting her use to one.

She celebrated her first Fourth of July at Kings Dominion riding a few rides, eating a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and rounded off the night watching the fireworks. She went on her first school bus and train ride at the Day Out With Thomas event. She ended up sleeping through the whole train ride so it must have been relaxing.

Rob and I found a babysitter to watch the kids for the first time since Caity was born for a quick date night. They didn’t go down as planned and we didn’t want to miss the movie so she ended up cuddling with Caity on the couch while we were gone. Neither one of them seemed to mind. Even though it was a movie the “peace and quiet” was so refreshing.

Letter to Caity
You are developing such a personality. You mock your brother when he cries but are constantly on the look out for him when he isn’t around. You have started to hold your ground when he tries to take a toy away from you and Iv’e even watched fight back a few times. I usually respond with, “you go girl.” My favorite thing is laying next to you and watching you drift off into slumber land. You certainly like things done differently but you know what you want.