Although I always knew I wanted to be a mother I don’t think one can truly understand all that entails until you are one. We aren’t perfect and no one gives you a manual after you baby is born. I have learned what I know from other parents, blogs, and a few books along the way. With motherhood it’s all about sharing knowledge and helping one another so here I share what I have learned from others and through experience.

Child Safety & Child Proofing Your Home

I use the term child instead of baby because I have found that you don’t truly realize how dangerous your house can be until you have a toddler running around testing ever inch of it.

Our favorite child proofing products
Toe Tourniquet Syndrome


Cloth Diapering

While we were never cloth diapering 100% of the time both kids were cloth diapered for awhile. Parker was later on, about 3-18 months, and Caity was early, newborn – 6 months. I definitly recommend it to any family as a way to save money and/or help the environment. I wouldn’t say it’s easier and at times can be a little gross, but man what a difference it can make in your budget, the environment, and even with preventing rashes.

Getting Started
Prepping For Baby
Check In
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