Once I became a Mom taking care of myself definitely took a back seat to my new responsibilities.  It just didn’t seem as important as taking care of tiny humans. What I didn’t realize was failing to take care of my health would catch up to me and . Or the amount of work it would take to get myself back on track.

In February 2017 I decided enough was enough and I couldn’t possibly continue to take care of everyone else while ignoring myself. I rejoined Weight Watchers started walking/running, practicing yoga, and eliminated Diet Coke.

As a WAHM of 2 littles it’s a daily struggle to balance my time and find the desire to exercise and eat right. Not every day is successful and for every 10 steps forward there are usually a few steps back. I’ve had to learn better multitasking skills, how to say no more, and what things can actually wait. This space is a place to reflect on my journey for myself and others struggling with the same challenges.

Running certainly doesn’t come easy to me 100 pounds overweight and really short legs. But I don’t let that stop me. I may finish last every time but as long as I cross that finish line I consider it an accomplishment. I am hoping as time goes on the pounds will drop and so will my time.

5.6.2017 Diefenbooker Classic 5K – 49:06 (15:08 minute mile)

2.25.2017 Disney Princess – 1:52:10 (18:03 minute mile)
5.7.2017 Shoppers. Love. You. Run for Women The Royal – 1:38:37 (15:08 minute mile)

Ten Mile
4.2010 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – 1:52 (11:20 minute mile)

1/2 Marathon
2.26.2017 Disney Princess – 4:06:52 (18:51 minute mile)

Future Races
Tamarack 10k
Diva’s 5K
Scotiabank 10K
Color Run 5K
Foam Fest 5K
Night Ottawa 10K Starlight Childrens Foundation
Power in Pink 10K
The Canadian 1/2
Army Run 10K
Ottawa Fall Colors 1/2
Across the Bay 10K
Disney 5K
Disney 10K
Disney 1/2

Although I have tried many weight loss programs I always find my way back to Weight Watchers. Their tag line #becauseitworks speaks for itself. I’ve had a long relationship with success and it’s the easiest program to follow for a Mom on the go. My overall goal is to lose 100 pounds putting me in the healthy BMI range.

Since I am a visual person I made a board to track my progress and a reminder of what I have to look forward to. Each week I reflect after my weigh in to figure out what I accomplished and what I can do better.