Lessons I Have Learned In My First Year of Motherhood

Dear Parker Letters
I love writing little letters to Parker now and again. It’s a great way to tell him what is going on in that moment of our lives, what he means to mean, and how much I love him.

Mother’s Day 2013
You Are A Big Brother

Motherhood Confessions
I started this series¬†over a year ago in hopes of opening up a little more about my experiences as a mother. Although I like to make this blog a happy place, motherhood often throws us curve balls. We are emotionally and physically challenged daily and sometimes at the end of the day we go to sleep with regrets. Did I yell too much? Did they not get enough attention? Why did I let them eat chicken nuggets? The truth is, we aren’t perfect and that’s okay! Life isn’t suppose to be Pinterest perfect. We can focus on those moments, but sometimes we need to reflect on the outtakes to get the full picture of motherhood. This series is about being real. Sometimes controversial. But never sugar coated.

Mommy Guilt
Hurry Up And Wait
I Miss Crafting
Sometimes, I Just Need A Good Laugh
A¬†Mother’s Wish List
It Won’t Be Like This For Long
10 Daily Thoughts Of A Mother

A Day In The Life
These posts are a chance for me to share what our life is like through photos.

January 2014 – A Day In The Life Life With A Toddler
January 2015 – A Day In The Life With Two

Life With Two
Life with two children has been so much different than I expected. My mom always said a second child is more than double the work and she was right. Iv’e learned a lot along the way, mostly through mistakes, and wanted to take time each month to reflect over the challenges I faced as well as document the growing bond between my children and our family.

October 2014: 28 Months and 1 Month
November 2014: 29 Months and 2 Months
December 2014: 30 Months and 3 Months
January 2015: 31 Months and 4 Months
February 2015: 32 Months and 5 Months
March 2015: 33 Months and 6 Months
April 2015: 34 Months and 7 Months
May 2015: 35 Months and 8 Months
June 2015: 3 Years and 9 Months
July 2015: 3 Years 1 Month and 10 Months
August 2015: 3 Years 2 Months and 11 Months

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