16 Weeks With Baby #3

Weight gain: Still wavering around 0. I had a long conversation with my OB at my appointment this week about her expectations. She agreed the “recommended” gain of 15 pounds is pretty unrealistic. She said she is happy if I stay as active as possible and make smart food choices most of the time and I can live with that.

Miss anything: Second trimester has given me back most of what I have been missing. I’ve had so much more energy to get things done around the house and keep up with the kids. Once the weather cools off we will be able to start tackling our Fall Bucket List.

Cravings: Now that the nausea has subsided a bit we’ve been eating more meals at home including veggies. I definitely am not craving them, but I do feel better when I am able to eat some.

Favorite moments over the last few weeks: Big sister turned 5 today! She was very excited to become a “big girl”.

Looking forward to: Finishing my Fall/Halloween decorating. A few local festivals. Celebrating Caity’s birthday. And hopefully welcoming some cooler weather!

14 Weeks With Baby #3

  Weight gain: Nothing yet, yippee!!!! Finally feeling my energy coming back so I hope to start back up with the Beach Body Prenatal workouts and walking. Sleep: I’ve been getting up early to have a few moments before the kiddos wake up so I’m exhausted by […]

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12 Weeks With Baby #3

I am so excited to start these weekly updates, especially since I never thought I would be doing these again!!! This go around we thought it would be fun to include the kiddos in my updates each week. Weight gain: Nothing yet. I will admit I […]

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Ummm, Hello October!

You guys, what HAPPENED, seriously?!? We are already into October and I am so behind in posting it’s ridiculous. Since I will have some extra time on my hands over the next few months I plan on going back and writing more detailed entries about the […]

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