Tutorial: Framed Generations Photo

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I had seen this idea floating around Pinterest awhile ago and was so excited to do one for my Grandmother and Mother for Mother’s Day. There are a few things I could have done to make it a little easier to put together so I wanted to share a quick tutorial with some tips.

Tips when taking the photos:
– Choose a similar background this isn’t too busy.
– The bigger the frame, the better. We chose a 16×20 from Michaels.
– Take the glass out of the frame to prevent reflection and flip the insert around so it’s a plain white (or any solid) background.
– Have each person hold the frame according to the direction of the previous photo.
* I took my daughters photo horizontal so I held my frame that way but we wanted the rest vertical.
– Decide ahead of time if everyone will hold the frame straight or on different angels.

Tips & Tricks

Tips when editing your photos in Photoshop:
– Use the magic wand or magnetic lasso tool to delete the inside of each frame.

selecting the space

– Use the rectangular marquee to select the image and the move tool to bring it into the frame of the next image.
– Move the incoming image to the back so it appears to be in the frame.

Inserting the image


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