Candy Cane Centerpiece

There has been one particular pin going around this season that I fell in love with right away. The only trouble is I can’t find the original source. I really wanted it as the centerpiece for our table this year and decided to take on the challenge of recreating it myself.

I got all of my supplies from Jo Ann Fabrics and the candy canes from Target. This is a little more than I usually spend on supplies for a centerpiece but I can reuse this from year to year. The project took about 30 minutes from start to finish. 
The first step was gluing all of the candy canes onto the foam piece. Have you ever paid attention to how uneven candy canes are? I hadn’t until I started this project. With this project it is more important to keep them even on the top which leaves this mess on the bottom. I decided to switch out the ribbon and instead wrap some garland around the bottom to cover it up. 

After all the candy canes were on I cut all of the flowers off the stems. It makes it easier to place them in the foam. I always try to leave as much of the stem as I can and then trim down what I need as I place each one.

The flowers take a lot of trial and error which is nice because they Styrofoam is pretty forgiving. Just balance the height and type of each piece. Some of the green and smaller flowers make great fillers for all of the holes.

The last step was the garland to cover up the uneven candy canes. I just used a few dabs of glue to keep it in place. A nice thin strand of garland worked perfect and didn’t take away from the rest of the piece.

This makes me smile and I can’t wait to host dinner!

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