Home Tour: Parker’s Nursery

Parker’s nursery has really been a work in progress, especially when we moved about a year ago. We were team green so I wanted a fun and light gender neutral nursery. We purchased the Geo Turtles bedding set from Target first and that was the inspiration for the rest of the nursery. We found a lot of our furniture from IKEA and a furniture store close to my parents house that sells unfinished pieces. I really love the combination of the light and dark woods.
I purchased the four cube storage unit from IKEA when I moved to DC years ago. It has served different purposes throughout the years and places we have lived. Because of it’s large baskets I knew it would make the perfect changing table to hold all of P’s cloth diapers.
Side note: I absolutely LOVE cloth diapering. Although we do not do it exclusively, P is in cloth 90% of the time. We started with a colorful set of Bum Genius 4.0 (one size pocket diapers) but I have ventured off to include a variety of types and fun patterns!
At first we didn’t have the storage space above the changing table and it was clear we needed something. During one of our monthly trips to IKEA, I saw the Trofast storage box for the wall and realized it would be perfect. I was able to organize most of P’s health & handsome products which make life a little more organized and a lot less stressful!
We didn’t want a large, expensive crib and were very happy when we found the Gulliver Crib at IKEA. It is simple, reliable and even turns into a toddler bed.
A calendar was very helpful in recording all of P’s milestones and having it so handing made it easy. I would just jot a few things down each night during our evening routine. It’s amazing how quickly you can forget all of the little things that happen over the course of a month.
I also decided to make a white board using a picture frame from Michael’s. We keep lists of things we need to buy, a packing checklist when we are getting ready for a trip or notes to a sitter.
My parents bought this La-Z-Boy recliner for my birthday a few days after P was born. It really helped with my recovery (c-section) and made some of those sleepless nights more comfortable. The nightstand was one of the items we picked up at the unfinished furniture store that my mom stained.
Whitney Bros Book Carousel was a gift from my Mom and Sister at my shower. Everyone brought their favorite childrens book so it was pretty full from the start.

The Trofast frame and storage bins were the perfect solution to the toys we wanted to keep in P’s room. It’s nice to have them handy when were are putting away clothes, cleaning up the bedrooms or trying to get a few extra moments of sleep in that comfy La-Z-Boy chair pictures above 🙂
I could probably think of twenty ways to organize with a door hanging shoe holder. They are perfect for all of P’s blankets, wetbags, shoes and other knick-knacks.
Thanks for joining me on our tour of Parker’s nursery. It has been a work in progress but I am in love with it now. We plan to move Parker to a big boy room when we get pregnant again and use the same nursery decor since we will be team green again!

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