Gadgets in Disney

I just love gadgets that help make life a littler easier. As soon as we booked our trip to Disney I started making a list of things we had and things I wanted to get. I want to make our journey on the Auto Train, the hotel and the parks as smooth and organized as possible. I am not sure which will be more fun, actually using everything or sharing my reviews afterwards!

Having P in a crowd always makes me nervous. Since he is still not walking we use a stroller or baby wear him which gives me some comfort. I am really hoping he is walking by the time Disney roles around but that will open up a new set of problems.


                            Joovy Groove                                                                Joovy Zoom 360

I am torn between two different strollers in the garage. I love both of them for different reasons and I guess in the end it will depend on how much room is in the car.

                         KID Bands! from Lovable Labels            Zoo Safety Harness from Skip Hop
Lovable Labels was gracious enough to provide a set of their KID Bands! to review. I had them printed with Rob and my names along with our phone numbers. I also got P the Zoo Safety Harness for when we wants to walk around a little. I know people don’t like these (*cough my sister cough*) but Parker’s sefety and my piece of mind are all I care about 🙂
We were a little stumped with what the sleeping arrangements would be on the Auto Train. Rob looked at the measurements and we are pretty sure there will not be enough room for his Pack n’ Play. I was thrilled when KidCo sent us the PeaPod Plus for review. It will be the perfect for the space we have.

As a Nuby Mom Blogger I am excited to test out and review some of their products on our trip. I have already reviewed the Snack Keeper but know this will be perfect for snacks on the go.

Of course I am using some of my Thirty-One favorites for the trip. I just love looking stylish and organized at the same time. These are just a few of the products from Thirty-One I will be using 🙂
Now it’s your turn to share! I am in desperate need of your must have items when traveling with a toddler. I have several checklists going at the moment and want to cover everything. 

Repurpse Baby Items into Learning Activities

For the last 17 months I have kept every container, baby food jar and wipe box we have used. Why you ask? Because every single one has the potential for a great craft project 🙂 Luckily I am a master at packing and organizing so it wasn’t much of an inconvenience.

We will be visiting family for the holiday and will be in the car for about 7 hours. I wanted to come up with some quite activities to keep Parker busy. All three of these projects were super easy, only took about 30 minutes to make all of them and cost under $10.

Puff containers are wonderful for crafts. I have collected several of these and have quite a few projects in mind. For this one, I just removed the wrapper, used a utility knife to make some holes and trimmed down colorful pipe cleaners to fit inside. The will keep Parker entertained for awhile and help him work on his fine motor skills. 

This was a lil’ Crunchies container that I wrapped some scrapbook paper around. I have collected a ton of these since Parker absolutely loves them! I made different size holes for poof balls to go through. Well see how many times Parker tries to put them in his mouth in the car!

Parker is always trying to pull wipes out of the box so I thought it would be nice to make him something where he could pull things out. I purchased a bunch of fabric swatches from JoAnn Fabrics and ripped them into quarters. Then I cut a whole in the top of the box to make it easier for the fabric to be pulled out. He already started playing with this one and really likes it!

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Making This Home Ours: A Color Makeover

Feather Gray | Prairie Brush | Champion Cobalt | Sundance | Pike’s Peak  | Show Stopper

I really wanted to share our home tour when it was all completed but I think that is going to take several months and I am just too impatient. When we moved to this house a year ago I wanted to work hard and make it our own. Having lived in university housing and nothing but white walls in our first home, painting was a must. I love painting so I really wanted to do it myself. We decided to fully move in and then I would paint and decorate each room at a time.

We still have a ways to go. I have some cute ideas for the walls in the living room and family room. I have also collect some awesome thrift store finds for the master bedroom. Hopefully I can focus my attention and do a new room each month come the new year.

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