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Making This Home Ours: Picture Frame Menu Board

I had this frame up in the kitchen with every intention of adding some cute quotes in the other two spaces. I do have a habit of purchasing frames and putting them around the house before I have pictures printed to fill them. Guests often ask if I have another family they don’t know about 🙂

Since we had already added this awesome white board to our kitchen, I decided to keep the theme going. Rob and I have been very intentional about our grocery shopping and meal planning. I wanted to have something in the kitchen that would display our menu for the week.

I had to find a way to keep a picture of my handsome little boy, Parker, in his chef outfit! I decided to turn it into a canvas piece through MailPix. Just had to make a few small modifications… I took out the mat to make the frame a little cleaner. Painted the frame with the same Tropical Oasis gloss spray paint. Luckily, I had enough of the yellow mat I used for the background of the white board to use on this frame as well. As a last touch, I printed out the days of the week from word and added a label to the top. 
Presto chango, a brand new super cute menu board! 🙂  
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Making This Home Ours: Whiteboard

I have been waiting months to finish this project and share it with all of you. As most of you may have seen on Pinterest lately, chalk boards are a growing fad. If you follow my family along over at Cherry Blossom Love, you know that I use them every month for P’s monthly photo shoots and to document important events in P’s life.

I really wanted one in our kitchen but I needed something that was a little more functional. While it is fairly easy to write on a chalkboard, erasing is a hassle. Not to mention, as a perfectionist, I would spend so much time making sure my to-do list looked perfect, I wouldn’t have much time to actually accomplish something!

Since repurposing old frames has grown so popular, they are hard to come by in thrift stores. I got lucky and found this gem at our local Restore. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have it!

Now that we have a little one at home, we were uncomfortable with having something so heavy hanging in the kitchen. We decided to get plexiglass cut at Home Depot to to replace the glass with. We also found the perfect color to paint the frame, Gloss Tropical Oasis.

I wanted to leave a majority of the white board blank but knew our cleaning checklist would look great behind the plexiglass. Now we can just mark off a task when we accomplish something.

I love having this in our kitchen. We can jot down important phone numbers, reminders and to-do items that help keep us organized. I keep a variety of colors white board markers and a dry erasers in Longaberger baskets.

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Making This Home Ours: Labels + Pantry

An organized pantry always makes me smile. Knowing exactly what we have and being able to reach for a snack within my WW point range is always an added bonus. I found these amazing bright and beautiful bins at, wait for it, the Dollar Tree! I purchased them a few weeks ago and actually just went out to buy 31 a few more. They will be showing up through out the year as I continue to organize every room in the house! 

I got these adorable chalkboard and white board labels when Two Berry Creative did a Sassy Steals deal. If you have never visited Sassy Steals before, I recommend you do it IMMEDIATELY!

I had seen this shelf liner pattern on Two Twenty One and fell in love with it. Only trouble, I didn’t know the name of the pattern or where to find it. After searching on Amazon and Google for hours awhile, I FINALLY found it (The Macbeth Collection in Ava Pool). I was so excited and got the same pattern in yellow and pink. Your welcome 🙂

I used Bistro Chalk Markers for the chalk board labels. Hopefully now people won’t confuse my home made dishwasher pods with sugar 🙂

And a white board marker for the white board labels. Staples has some pretty neat colors!

Then it was time to transform the shelves. Using my new fabulous shelf liner, I cut strips to fit the shelves using my Fiskars Utility Knife and a cutting mat.

My husband was getting annoyed with where our foil and plastic wrap was in the pantry. I didn’t have a better place for it so I needed to come up with something cheap and convenient. I have been saving food boxes for about a month for various projects around the house. The Enfamil boxes are super sturdy and a perfect height for them. I used the shelf liner and white board labels to dress them up a little bit.

Last but not least, I decided to go use the tabs to the Enfamil boxes and make some additional labels. They worked about great and were free which is a win win in my book!

Thanks for tagging along and checking out how I transformed our pantry with only about $16! 

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Making This Home Ours: Measuring Cups & Spoons

 I wanted to start out this mini series with one of my favorite projects. Measuring spoons and cups are difficult to organize and I can never seem to find the one I need right away. The inside of cabinets are such a waste of space I wanted to come up with a way to really utilize them.

My talented hubby measured the inside of the cabinet and cut up two pieces of ply wood for me. We used Valspar Gloss Tropical Oasis spray paint. I had also seen a project on Two Twenty One where she used this adorable shelf liner for the inside of a kitchen cabinet. I fell in love with the pattern but didn’t know the name of the pattern or where she had gotten it from. After a few hours little time on Amazon, I finally found it! Here is the link in case you are in love with it as much as I am!

We laid everything out first to make sure there was enough room for everything and the spacing was even(ish). Rob then drilled some holes and screwed in hooks for everything to hang easily.

We used wood glue and some clamps to secure everything overnight.

And here it is, my new and improved baking cabinet. We have been using it for a few weeks now and LOVE it. I also smile every time I see the beautiful blue pattern!

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Making This Home Ours: Kitchen Introduction

It’s no secret that I LOVE Pinterest. I have been a frequent Pinner since about May 2011. Even if I don’t see something specific to replicate, I get so inspired from looking at so many amazing images that my creative juices really get flowing.

When we moved into the new house I saw so much potential in every single room. We plan to slowly tackle each one throughout the year for a first round makeover. Yep, first round as in, we will continue to update as the years go on. For now, we are focusing on how to organize each space.

Our first stop was the kitchen since that is where we spend a good part of our day. I fell in love with this kitchen when we were house hunting. It is so open and really the focal point of the second floor. I especially loved the counter space and breakfast bar.



Now that we are all unpacked, it is time for the fun part, decorating! Instead of putting together one huge post on all of our kitchen projects, I decided to separate them into several over the next few weeks.

Here is a little teaser of what I started with!

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