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25 Days of Christmas

25 Days of Christmas: B is for Believe

I am a little embarrassed to admit it but I believed in a physical Santa for a very long time. My mom tells me one day I came to her very concerned and said I needed to know the truth so one day when I had kids I knew what to do.

Truth is, I still believe. Maybe not in the physical person, but most definitely the spirit of him. I didn’t realize how amazing the spirit of Christmas could be until I had kids of my own. They way their eyes light up every morning when we come downstairs and search for #sammyandsophiameyer. The curiosity on their face as they study the Christmas tree and all the ornaments dangling. The giggles from the kitchen as we make the most delicious mess imaginable.

I believe in the spirit.

DSC_3563 watermarked

This was a very simple project that took about 30 minutes, a few scraps from my studio and some supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Letter B
Red and white paint
Old belt or piece of leather
Gold button, bells, or belt buckle
Santa hat
Hot glue gun

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25 Days of Christmas: Balls & Bells

When it comes to Christmas decorating burlap and lights maybe my favorite, but balls and bells are not far behind. I like to use them in a more nontraditional way around the house to add pops of color in unsuspecting places.


Mixing garland with colorful bells in thrift store vases is a cheap and easy way to add Christmas almost anywhere.

DSC_3497 watermarked


Christmas ball garland is a quick and easy project to dress up your home. All you need is string and a ton of Christmas balls. You can get them cheap at the $1 or wait and buy a pack of them a few days after Christmas on sale. These beauties came from Target, I love the color combination they have in their sets.

DSC_3506 watermarked

DSC_3500 watermarked

While project planning I came across this adorable idea by Rachel from House of Noise. Such a quick and easy way to brighten up your dinning room chandelier. You can also add garland but sadly I completely ran out. Need to wait until after Christmas to get more!

DSC_3517 watermarked

DSC_3526 watermarked

DSC_3532 watermarked

They are even magical at night!

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25 Days of Christmas: Lighted Burlap Garland Tutorial

Burlap and Christmas lights are two of my favorite go to items when decorating our home. It’s easy to incorporate them into centerpieces, wreaths, and even garland. Having the house full of lights at night brings a smile to my face.

When I was browsing Pinterest for some new ideas I came across this adorable Lighted Burlap Garland tutorial from Create Craft Love. I added it to my list to try and tonight I am sharing my final product with a short tutorial.

Burlap Garland Materials

The materials for this project are minimal and you can find both at Target, Walmart, Canadian Tire, and even certain Dollar stores. You can also get burlap cut to order at fabric stores which is cheaper than buying rolls of it. If you want a cleaner look choose stiff burlap as it won’t shed when cut. If you like a slightly messier look a softer more flimsy burlap will do.

DSC_3414 watermarked

I alternated between natural, turquoise, and green. The turquoise gave it a more updated look and really went well with the color scheme in the master bedroom. Originally I had cute 2 inch strips but quickly realized that they were a little too wide to tie so I cut them down to 1 inch strips about 6 1/2 long.

DSC_3429 watermarked

We are still learning the tricks of the trade with night photography but this gives a pretty good feel for how warm the garland makes the bedroom. I have seem some concern about the burlap being so close to a light source but they emit almost nonexistent heat.

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25 Days of Christmas: Let It Snow Chalkboard

I love having chalkboards around the house to add a little festive spirit to the room. I picked up a old painting with a beautiful frame at a thrift store several years ago. The goal was to replace the painting with a chalkboard for the master bedroom. When we moved into this house I decided it was finally time to finish the project, just in time for the holidays!

I love having a little extra something on the wall above our bed that I can change up for special holidays or when I am feeling a little creative.

Let It Snow Chalkboard

In case you have the urge to make a custom chalkboard yourself here are a few tips!

1. You can have most Lowe’s or Home Depot stores cut wood to the size you want.

2. I like using spray paint since it is quicker and easier to apply evenly.

3. Use black primer first. It will help the chalkboard paint stick to the wood better.

4. Once the pain is dry take a piece of chalk and cover the entire chalk board, then erase it.

5. Remove the painting or glass and make sure to secure the wood so that it doesn’t pop out when you change up the design.

6. Find a way to hang it that is easy to get up and down. If you make it difficult, you may find yourself unmotivated to change it.


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25 Days of Christmas: Free Printable

I know I said yesterday that today would be all about Christmas music but everyone here seems to be coming down with bad head colds which meant lots of snuggles today. Instead I decided to share one of my favorite printables and offer it for free during the month of December. Just head over and like My Crafting Attic’s Facebook page. Then click on the just for fans tab to download this printable for free!

I love this it is more for winter and therefore can be kept up longer, even longer now that we are in Canada!

Winter Printable

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25 Days of Christmas: Burlap Wreath

Welcome back! Thanks for joining me on day 2 of my 25 Days of Christmas mini series dedicated to everything Christmas. Yesterday I talked about our Elf(ves) On The Shelf and shared our schedule of all the mischief #sammyandsophiameyer plan to get into.

It’s been quite chaotic around here trying to catch up so I am grateful for the reason to sit down for a few minutes and share my next project, a burlap wreath tutorial. I’ve never made a wreath before so this was a fun little project that I think ended up turning out great. It was also fairly inexpensive and easy to do, about one hour total.

FloraCraft Wire Wreath
Cloth Wire

Burlap – I used 4″ by 7 yards
Yarn – Any kind and color is fine
Sewing needle – One with a wider hole makes threading it easier
Hot glue


My mom and I did some brainstorming and decided it would be easier to thread the burlap with yarn using a needle and then scrunch it together. I quickly realized it was easier and quicker to fold the burlap a few times and push the needle through. This limited the number of times I needed to pull the yarn through which saved a lot of time. I also had to go back and redo about half of it because I got too lax with the spacing and the scrunch wasn’t tight enough. For a larger wreath you can space the threading out more. There is no right or wrong, just your preference.

Steps 2

Once it was scrunched to fit the FloraCraft Wire Wreath I turned it over and used Cloth Wire to secure the burlap to the wreath. I made sure to secure the burlap well on the inside and outside rim of the wreath. Then using hot glue I secured some gold embellishments I found at Canadian Tire.

DSC_3330 watermarked

I am so excited with the final project and how it looks on the wall in the kids play room.

DSC_3328 watermarked

DSC_3335 watermarked

Tomorrow I will be sharing some of my favorite Christmas music!

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