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Baby #3

75% Complete

Well baby boy, I can’t believe we are 30 weeks through already!

Weight gain: The swelling kicked in a few weeks ago and I am up about 20 ponds. Yep, not a typo… I did so good for the first 21 weeks gaining nothing so I know it’s mostly water weight.

Miss anything: Feeling like myself… This has always been the hardest part of pregnancy for me. I can’t do nearly as much as I want or need in my mind.

Cravings: All about the sweet and salty these days. Ice cream and pretzel goldfish are what I reach for most often. If we are out then it’s a stop by Wendy’s for a chocolate Frosty and small fries to dip in it!

Favorite moments over the last few weeks: Hiccups. They are one of my top favorite pregnant things and he certainly gets them a lot. I’ve also loved watching the kids get excited for Christmas. Next year they are going to have a blast

Looking forward to: Tomorrow morning when the kids wake up. Also scheduling my 3D ultrasound and maternity photo shoot.

24 Weeks, Sorry Baby!

I was trying so hard to stay consistent with updates but somehow the last four weeks have just flown by. Sorry baby!

Weight gain: Averaging about 2 pounds most days which I am pleased with. The OB during my appointment today said, “well you are just perfect” which I was thrilled to hear. BP is great and while I am starting to see some serious swelling she wasn’t concerned. Just need to focus on getting in my water, about a gallon a day, and getting my feet up as much as possible.

Miss anything: I was at a business conference this past week and I really miss being able to just go with the flow. Instead, I was constantly worried about eating and moving around enough. By day three one of my amazing friends begged someone to let me sit on the end so I could try and get my feet somewhat up. Made me feel more high maintenance than I like.

Cravings: I’m not necessarily craving anything specific lately. I have noticed an increase in appetite though.

Favorite moments over the last few weeks: His movements are becoming stronger and more constant <3 I forgot what an amazing feeling it is, especially when they are still small and it isn’t painful.

Although my feet weren’t thrilled, I had a wonderful time at Rise Business in Charleston, SC. It was a weekend full of self reflection, amazing speakers, and truly inspirational stories from other small business owners. Now I just need to hunker down and make a decision which path I want to take.

I am also grateful to have finally hit 24 weeks. Even though this is my third pregnancy I am just as nervous as I was with my first.

Looking forward to: We FINALLY have a date night this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. Since our move to STL we haven’t had an opportunity to really connect as a couple and finally hit a point where that wasn’t gonna cut it anymore. We signed up for so we could find someone who we could rely on as our family grows. We met a wonder woman who the kids took to immediately. Definitely looking forward to adding regular date nights to our calendar before and after babes arrives.

I’m also looking forward to Thanksgiving when I get to see my beautiful niece and handsome nephew. We FaceTime often but it’s never as nice as giving them all the hugs and kisses I can.

1/2 Way There

Weight gain: My goal was to stay around 0 until I hit 20 weeks and I managed to do it! I haven’t cut back but just focused on limiting my temptations and keeping to just 1 serving. Baby is gonna start packing on the pounds which is what matters moving forward.

Miss anything: Nothing really at the moment. Things are pretty smooth sailing for right now and I am just fine with that!

Cravings: I’ve been wanting more of the salty than sweet. The cravings really happen after I volunteer at school during lunch. Watching kids devour Doritos, Oreos, and candy make me want to run to the grocery store after and stock up on all the junk food!

Favorite moments over the last few weeks: After waiting several weeks longer than we needed to we had our big gender revel party on Saturday. It was hard to wait but so worth it. You can see the full video on a post I did earlier this week. This was a short one I did for IG 🙂

Tuesday was my mid pregnancy anatomy scan so we got to see buster buy quite well. Everything looks great and he is measuring right on track and about 13 oz right now. I have a 24 and 28 week check up before I start going every other week. That’s when things will get busy!

Looking forward to: Rob getting back next week. I don’t know how I ever managed 4 months alone and pregnant with the other 2 kids. He will only be gone 9 days and I am missing him! November we are going to focus on cleaning out Parker’s old room and finalize the nursery plans. We won’t really start anything until January but this will give me a nice retreat to sneak off to when I want to do a little baby daydreaming.

16 Weeks With Baby #3

Weight gain: Still wavering around 0. I had a long conversation with my OB at my appointment this week about her expectations. She agreed the “recommended” gain of 15 pounds is pretty unrealistic. She said she is happy if I stay as active as possible and make smart food choices most of the time and I can live with that.

Miss anything: Second trimester has given me back most of what I have been missing. I’ve had so much more energy to get things done around the house and keep up with the kids. Once the weather cools off we will be able to start tackling our Fall Bucket List.

Cravings: Now that the nausea has subsided a bit we’ve been eating more meals at home including veggies. I definitely am not craving them, but I do feel better when I am able to eat some.

Favorite moments over the last few weeks: Big sister turned 5 today! She was very excited to become a “big girl”.

Looking forward to: Finishing my Fall/Halloween decorating. A few local festivals. Celebrating Caity’s birthday. And hopefully welcoming some cooler weather!

14 Weeks With Baby #3


Weight gain: Nothing yet, yippee!!!! Finally feeling my energy coming back so I hope to start back up with the Beach Body Prenatal workouts and walking.

Sleep: I’ve been getting up early to have a few moments before the kiddos wake up so I’m exhausted by 8:30 every night. Haven’t had any issues falling asleep but if I get up to pee anytime after 4 I often don’t fall back asleep.

Miss anything: Honestly, having my shit together. I have been so absent minded lately forgetting things and falling short of promises to people. It’s not typical of me and I am not really liking it. :/ Hoping with my regained energy, a good planner, and a consistent schedule I can get a bit more on track.

Current Struggles: Managing my emotions is gonna be a pretty typical response for me here over the next few months. I find myself getting upset or thinking someone is made at me and have to talk myself down.

Cravings: Costco pizza hands down.

Favorite moments over the last few weeks: Getting a new car! We needed something with a 3rd row that provided a comfortable ride for our frequent and long road trips. After test driving a Hyundai Palisade we were hooked! It’s everything they are hyped to be. She is beautiful and the safety/driving assist features are amazing. I’m definitely not a car expert but I was thinking of doing a review of my favorite features based on a Mom’s perspective. Another favorite moment was meeting our dula this past weekend. We clicked right away and is going to be the perfect support to helping me achieve another VBAC and *fingers crossed* an unmedicated birth.

Looking forward to: Decorating for Fall, especially if it brings the cooler weather! Monday I am also getting a prenatal massage which I am so looking forward to.

12 Weeks With Baby #3

I am so excited to start these weekly updates, especially since I never thought I would be doing these again!!! This go around we thought it would be fun to include the kiddos in my updates each week.

Weight gain:
 Nothing yet. I will admit I was/am very nervous about my starting weight this pregnancy. 250 is the absolute highest I have ever been and I know it can add some additional complications over the next few months. But, there is nothing I can really do about it now except focus on staying active, eating as best I can, and getting in all of my water.

Sleep: My pregnancy pillow arrived less than a week after my BPF. I wasn’t messing around this time and knew it was going to be key in getting as good a sleep at night as I could. Up until we found out Caity was still coming into our bed every night and sometimes Parker. I allowed it to happen and love(d) it. But I knew we had to start pushing for them to stay in their own beds the whole night. It’s going pretty well and come mornings I can tell they were waiting for the sun to come in for morning cuddles.

Miss anything: I miss the idea of my daily Diet Dr Pepper but I actually don’t think I miss it physically all the much. If I am REALLY craving soda I will have a regular Sprite or &-Up and that seems to do the trick. We have also been brewing our own ice tea at home and I add some lemonade when I need a little caffeine.

Current Struggles: The first few weeks after finding out were particularly hard. I had been on medication for both anxiety and depression. As soon as I found out I stopped taking both along with my normal intake of diet soda. Needless to say, the withdrawal was rough. At times I find myself getting pretty emotional between the normal hormones and not having my normal buffer. Meditation, my Start Today Journal from RISE, and my favorite playlists have helped a bit.

Movement:  I swear I have felt some butterflies but I think it’s really too early for that.

Cravings: I should have known I was pregnant when out of the blue I started wanted chicken nuggets. I have also been enjoying a lot of Costco pizza. And anytime I see chocolate I get a craving but on the rare occasion I do give in, it’s not what I end up wanting.

Best moment over the last few weeks: I talked about some of these in our announcement post but to recap… 1. Obviously the best moment was finding out. This was a complete surprise and I hadn’t been paying much attention to my cycle. I finally got a cheap test and just started laughing. Rob knew, without me even saying anything. I called my sister almost immediately and said, “I’m gonna need you to start keeping ALL of Savannah and Austin’s clothes. She was so freaking excited and I think she went on right away to see how far along I was. She is definitely a proud AhAh. 2. At my first appointment they did an US so seeing the baby made it all finally real. I met with my OB who was a friends recommendation and I was very pleased with our first appointment.  They are very VBAC friendly and she didn’t make me feel bad about my weight which I was grateful for. Since we were so happy with the OB I didn’t feel the need to check any other’s out but I wanted to take a tour of the hospital to make sure we would be happy there. We were VERY impressed and so excited for the labor tubs, guaranteed private rooms, and all of the amenities they offer. 3. The kiddos also decided it was time to name the baby. Caity it hoping for a girl whose name would be Windchime. Parker is hoping for a boy and thinks the perfect name would be Sparky. Luckily neither of those are contenders but, we have actually picked out 2 possible names but we will be keeping that a secret until baby makes their arrival.

Looking forward to: Rob is finishing the bathroom in our finished basement this week so I won’t have to keep running upstairs every time I have to pee (yay!). I am also planning to meet with a potential Dula/Birth Photographer this week to see if we mesh well together. If so, I’d say I have managed to cross quite a bit off the to-do list already.