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34 Weeks

34 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a Butternut Squash!
34 weeks ~ 8th month ~ 3rd trimester

Weight gain: About 20 lbs. This time last pregnancy I was up about 50 so I am pretty happy! I have really liked the GD diet and haven’t really felt deprived much. I do miss the sweets here and there but I don’t have to give up many carbs so I am still a happy girl. Although testing my sugar 4 times a day has been a little annoying it’s been interesting to see how certain foods affect me differently.

Sleep: Eh, depends on the night. For the last week I have been really uncomfortable but of course last night I slept really well. I think I will need to move to the recliner soon though. I get too sore sleeping on my right side and sitting upright in bed anymore. Plus I am getting up at least 5 times a night and that is an ordeal in itself 🙂 The uncomfortable part has started but that usually means there isn’t much longer to go!

Miss anything?: Playing around with Parker. I feel like I am on eggshells when I am around him which is exhausting. It’s hard to explain to a toddler why Mommy can’t pick him up or hold him for long periods of time. He has been trying to kiss my tummy a lot and even then I have to be careful because he does it a little hard. We also haven’t gotten out of the house much for playdates. Luckily he is still getting a lot of interaction with other kids at daycare but I know he misses his friends. It’s been tough with one car and my complete lack of energy to take him out on my own. I just keep telling myself that baby girl and Fall will be here soon and make everything a lot easier.

Movement: She gave us a scare Monday which lead to another L&D visit but looked great on the monitor and US. Seems like she dropped and is getting comfortable so I just have to be more aware of movements and start my kick counts. I love our OB/Midwife practice because they are so understanding and trusting of my gut feelings. I also like that there is a midwife at the hospital on call 24/7.

Cravings: Soda which I now can’t have at all. I take a sip of Rob’s here and there to get a little of the taste on my tongue. That will certainly be my number 1 request after baby girl arrives!

What I am looking forward to: The nursery is getting painted as we speak! I also mailed all of the material for the crib bedding and valances to the woman who is sewing everything for me. I chose bold colors and even bolder fabric but my taste hasn’t failed me yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed it’s a win. Iv’e also been making the Yo Yo’s every night in bed for a lamp shade for her room that we found at a garage sale for $1. Those have been a lot of fun to make! We have a pretty relaxing weekend so I am hoping to get a good chunk of decorating done and our hospital bags started.

Inspiration Board

32 Weeks!

DSC_4618 v2Munchkin is the size of a squash!
32 weeks ~ 8th month ~ 3rd trimester

Weight gain: I am about 18lbs up which is actually 2 pounds lower than what I was last week. My midwife yesterday said my weight gain was “excellent” which was a little refreshing especially since my appointment was at the end of the day. My guess is my weight gain is going to slow down a bit as I am not following a low carb diet (more on that below) which is all I have been wanting to eat lately.

Sleep: Still not too bad. I have my nights where I wake up to pee and can’t go back to sleep and other nights I don’t even open my eyes and pass out again as soon as my head hits the pillow. I am usually pretty stiff when I first get up but then I can move pretty easy. If my feet swell at all during the day they go down at night as soon as I put my feet up so I have been trying to sleep with pillows under my legs as much as possible. I really think seeing the chiropractor weekly has helped with sleeping this time around.

Miss anything?: Same as usually, having enough energy to get everything done. I try so hard and can still manage to do a lot, I just get so tired so easily. It’s really hard for me to just sit down and relax. My hands always have to be busy doing something and there is always something that needs to be done.

Movement: She is a rock star in there. Moves around the most when I am still and laying down, especially when I have something laying on my stomach like the iPad. During our U/S the tech told us she was head down, very low, with one foot by her head and the other between my ribs. Now I know why I can feel here in so many places at once!

Cravings: Nothing much lately. This pregnancy has been pretty boring in the way of cravings. I am in the mood for certain things at different times but that is as far as it gets lately.

Positives (and negatives): We went in on Monday for our U/S and appointment with the perinatal specialist. Since they found out that I have positive ANA’s (anti-nuclear antibodies) in my system they wanted to make sure that baby girl was growing and the placenta was functioning properly. Luckily, everything looks good on that front. However, while she was reviewing the results of the U/S she noticed that her head is measuring around 40% and belly around 80%. Mix that with failing my 1-hr GD test and having 1 of the 4 numbers from my 3-hr

What I am looking forward to: Getting started on this diet and making the best out of the next 8 weeks to give baby girl and I every chance possible to VBAC. We are also 90% done with Parker’s room, just a few more projects to finish up. I already started on baby girls room getting all of her clothes organized. Now we just have to wait for the room to be painted and then we can start decorating. It’s nice to really be making a dent in our to-do list especially since her due date is creeping up on us!

P and C comparisonJust for fun, here is a side by side comparison of Parker and baby girl! I can’t believe how much they look alike.

20 Weeks Down

Munchkin is the size of a banana!

Weight gain: 5 pounds

Sleep: Pretty decent. It’s been extremely hot the last few days so that has been a challenge but I am finally figuring out how to get comfortable with this pregnancy. I have been waking up around 4:30 AM which I don’t mind. It’s so peaceful with the windows open listening to the birds while everything else is so quiet.

Miss anything: Not at the moment!

Movement:  FINALLY!!! But soooooo low down and almost muffled? I am wondering if I have an anterior placenta which is why it took so long to feel movement. Right now I feel a pinch every so often very low, just above my scar. I’ll take it though!!! I am anxious for our US tomorrow to actually see where munchkin is at.

Cravings: Soft pretzels and Edy’s Fruit Bars have been an almost daily essential for me.

Best moment this week: Rob walking into the bedroom this morning and Parker starting to cry. He was so overcome he didn’t know how to react. He is very protective of Daddy and won’t even let me hug or kiss him. It’s kind of funny actually and insists he sit between us. It feels so good to have my family whole again and my husband back home safe and sound.

Worst moment this week: I wouldn’t call it the “worst” moment but the hardest moment this week was Mother’s Day. I thought going to breakfast would be fun and while the food was yummy and Parker was well behaved, it was hard to see so many complete families. I know that there are hundreds of single moms out there and I am certainly not complaining about my situation. Iv’e managed to do a lot of things while Rob was gone so I was just a little surprised this affected me so much.

Looking forward to: Our U/S tomorrow and appointment with an OB (instead of a midwife). We will get to see munchkin and have the gender written down to open this weekend. I have a list of questions for the doctor about my positive ANA (anti-neclear antibodies) result. Since I will have the doctors attention, I also wanted to learn more about their general practices with a RCS just in case one is needed. I am still pushing for a VBAC though!

18 Weeks With Munchkin

Munchkin is the size of a sweet potato!

Weight gain: About 4 pounds although is varies day by day.

Sleep: The left side is certainly the most comfortable position but it’s impossible for me to stay in that position the entire night and not wake up really sore. Getting up a few times a night to pee is common. Every once in awhile I get startled by a noise and wake up but once Rob gets back that won’t happen as much 🙂

Miss anything: Rob, Rob and Rob. He will be home in a little less than 2 weeks and it couldn’t come any sooner. Even though this trip was a lot shorter than the others, it has been the hardest. Last time I was pregnant I could still eat what/when I wanted and sleep when I wanted. When he was gone last year I wasn’t pregnant yet so I could push through and wasn’t nearly as tired. I feel like he was hardly back and then gone again. It will be so nice to have our family whole for an extended period of time. Especially since it means we are growing by two little feet.

Movement: Still nothing… I feel pressure every once in awhile so I am wondering if that is the baby and I am just not feeling things the same as before. 

Cravings: Diet Coke and a sub. Since I have switched to nitrate free hot dogs I don’t crave those like last time. The only salty thing that sounds good is french fries and the only sweet thing that sounds good are milkshakes. Good thing those taste supper yummy together!

Best moment this week: Having my parents come visit. They were such a great help this weekend with Parker. My Mom came with me on Saturday to my vendor event which was a complete bust. We decided to cut my loses and left early. That made time to set up the dinning room table which was on my to-do list anyway! My Dad also helped me plant a ton of veggies in my earth boxes. We are growing onion, sweet potato, 2 kinds of lettuce, 2 kinds of tomato, 3 kinds of peppers, squash, yellow zucchini, cucumber, and beans. I am really looking forward to picking time!

Worst moment this week: Nothing really. Since my parents came Thursday night, time seemed to fly by and with the extra help over the weekend I wasn’t as tired as I usually am. I did wake up Sunday morning at 2:30 am and couldn’t stop thinking about the “what ifs” so I decided to get up and be productive. Needless to say, both Parker and Mommy were in bed early that night.

Looking forward to: This weekend will be spent celebrating birthdays and sprinkles 🙂 Then I have another short week and it’s back to NJ for the townships huge Spring yard sale. My Mom and I have been collecting items for almost a year now and can’t wait to get rid of everything. I will be doing my final walk through of the house this week and continue to discard things we really just don’t need. 

Just for fun I thought I would do a side by side comparison of me with Parker at 18 weeks and now. My butt and boobs are certainly bigger but I think my bump has slowed down a little.

36 – 38 Weeks

Best moment over the past 3 weeks: The past three weeks have been great! So much is wrapping up with baby prep! 

1. We went to our Childcare class Monday 6/4. It was a great course and we both learned a lot. Rob got to change his first diaper! We learned a lot and received a good amount of information and resources to help us once Peanut arrives. I was dissapointed in some of the views/items the teacher did not approve of though. While I take opinions of those with experience seriously, some things I will not be following. Two examples are the Angel Care Monitor and mirror for the car.

2. We have finished the nursery. My parents came 6/8-6/10 to help finish everything. They have been such an amazing help over the last few months! They brought the dresser and nightstand that we had picked out and my Mom stained for us. She helped washed the rest of the clothing and helped me organize it into the drawers. See my nursery post for pictures!

3. We had another U/S on Monday 6/11. The baby looked great and weighs about 7 lbs 9 oz.

4. On Sunday 6/10, Rob’s unit threw us a shower. The games were great, cake was delicious and we got some adorable outfits. It was such a good time 🙂 His diaper skills came in handy during one of the games.

Miss Anything? Not at the moment 

Movement: Not as much anymore. Baby is getting so big there is not much room to move around.    

Food cravings:  Pb and apples

Symptoms:  I think I have had a few contractions over the last few days. It’s hard to tell now since I don’t know what to compare it to.

Looking forward to: Peanut coming!!! It’s just a matter of time now.


35 weeks down, 35 days to go!!!

How far along? 35 weeks and 2 days
Baby is the size of: Coconut
Best moment this week: This past week was a lot of fun! Rob and I finished up everything in the house (minus a few nursery things and some shelving). It felt so good to get everything done and the basement looks GREAT! Rob put together the stroller which was quite easy. Sarah and Chris came to visit on Friday so we went to get pedicures and the boys went to the range. That night we went to Melting Pot for dinner which was yummy!


Miss Anything? Being able to do things without feeling overtired. I can’t even stand on my feet long enough to take a shower without my feet swelling.   
Movement: Much lower this week and huge reactions after I eat something!   
Food cravings:  This week has been chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.
Symptoms: My swollen feet and the arthritis in my fingers and wrists has been the worst.   
Looking forward to: 36 week appointment on Friday, my parents coming to visit next weekend and starting to make the nursery decorations.
Other updates: No labor signs yet. My belly button is making its way out but I don’t think it will pop before Peanut arrives.