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Caity’s 4th Birthday

This little girl just keeps growing right before our eyes. While there are moments I still see a little girl those are being out numbered by this sassy, bright, and perceptive kid. She is our youngest, and our last, so I am trying to hold onto each and every moment I can. Sometimes she makes it hard, as any 4 year old would, testing boundaries and challenging us. But as tough as the day can be when I watcher her drift off to sleep I am in total love with her.

She started Junior Kindergarten a few days ago and was so excited to board that big yellow bus with her brother on the first day. No sign of hesitation, no tears, just a huge smile and the determination to do it all. It’s bitter sweet when you have an independent child. I find she is so confident and comfortable with new environments and people so I cherish those rare moments when she “needs her mommy.”

Caity Turns Three.

Ah, September 19th…. Every year on the eve of her birthday I find myself looking back on Caity’s birth story and photos. This year though I seem to be particularly emotional since I recently became an Aunt (again!). Watching my sister cuddle a newborn is bringing back all the fuzzy feelings from Caity’s birth and denial that she is really turning THREE.

Looking back I found some of my favorite photos of her over the last few years.


I have loved watching this little girl take her first steps, speak her first words, and come into her own little personality. She has no fear and is not afraid to take risks no matter how likely they are to give me a heart attack.

These chalkboards have continued to be a favorite project to record all of her favorites and milestones for the previous year. You can also check out her unicorn themed birthday bash over on my craft blog!

Caity at 30 Months

This little munchkin continues to grow by leaps and bounds. At night we now cuddle in the recliner after story and she watches me look through IG asking to see pictures and videos of her and Parker. Then she lays in her crib and falls […]

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Caity’s 28th Month Update

This little girl is growing before my eyes…


Her favorites phrases right now are, “what dat?!?”, “hi Dad”, “Parker NO!!!”, and “ppaaaallleeeeezzzzzzzz”. She will also start counting down when she hears us doing it. She doesn’t take crap from her brother anymore and you can usually find him in a head lock if there is a disagreement. She loves taking care of her baby dolls and pushing the stroller around the house. She calls all of them dolly expect her favorite, which is baby. She is still a very good eater but prefers strawberries, yogurt, and gold fish. When the door bell rings she immediately says,
“pizza here!”. <– Mom fail right there… She loves getting her hair combed and brushing her teeth, although it’s mostly just sucking the water from her toothbrush.

Caity’s Latest at 27 Months

Here is a little insight to our ever growing little miss sassy pants.


She is talking in 3-4 word sentences, can answer questions, and for the most part pronounces words correctly. The few exceptions are manna (bananna), gwenguin (penguin), and top it (stop it). One of my favorite things she does right now is lifts her pointer finger saying “wait” to go and get something. It’s hilarious to witness especially with her sass behind it. She will also always say, “hi Mom or hi Dad” when she walks into a room. If we are on FaceTime with them and both Rob and I are not in the picture she will say, “mommy go? or daddy go?” Some of the cutest words and phrases she is saying right now are love you, hi, Parker (in a sing song yelling voice), have it, no like it, and huggles.

She is laying down for naps on her own but still wants one of us to hold her hand until she drifts off to sleep at night. She has a bedtime routine that she strictly enforces. Quite play, brush teeth, stories (Jungle, Paw Patrol, Frozen, and then Gorilla), then tuck in with her baby and hold hand.

We have pretty much stopped using the stroller. She goes in the cart or I wear her, love my Tula. She is no longer using a high chair or booster seat. Most days I throw a diaper in my purse or forgot the diaper bag all together. She can drink out of a normal cup if necessary but prefers her Sassy sippy cup.

Favorite Song: Little Piggies (during every diaper change, with both feet)

Favorite Show: Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies

Favorite Food: Anything brother is eating

Favorite Activity: Huggles and playing chase with brother

Favorite Toy: Hands down her baby doll, a very specific one

She is hands down our little dare devil and LOVES carnival rides, going fast, and climbing high.