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Caity’s 19th Month Update


19 Month

Little Miss is learning the power of words and isn’t afraid to use what she knows! Her voice is so feminine and dainty it’s adorable. She has also developed a very unique and powerful scream that comes out anytime she wants us to know she is unhappy.

We finally gave her bangs. I hated when hair was getting in her eyes and she refused to keep hair ties in. So one night after bath I sat her on the counter and gave her bangs. They aren’t straight but now I can see her beautiful blue eyes all the time.

We finished weaning this month… I had to start pushing it in preparation for our adult vacation to Vegas. She wasn’t happy with it at first but slowly got use to the idea. She still comes over and pulls my shirt away from me making sure my boobs are still there while saying, boob. She still loves to to nestle up in my arms and lay her head on my chest. Those moments are so precious and wouldn’t trade them for the world. And then out of nowhere she blows a huge raspberry on my chest.

She follows Parker around wherever he goes and wants to do what ever he is doing. They fight like true brother and sister…. One minute pushing each others buttons and a few seconds later cuddling with each other.