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Caity’s 18th Month Update


18 Month

It’s hard to believe Caity is already a year and a half but then I see her run past me like a flash of lighting, followed by a lot of thunder, and realize how possible it is! We call her our little “progress sniper” because she has a habit of wrecking anything in her path. She is following her brother everywhere and wants to do anything and everything he does. She loves snacking, especially on Puffs.

We started attending a music class and she absolutely loves it. She claps, tries to sing along, and loves playing with all the instruments. It’s a great activity to introduce little ones to different instruments and melodies.

She is doing great sleeping on her own through the night. Rob has mastered putting her down in the evenings. I decided it was time to phase out nap time cuddles so I could better balance other things. She still likes when I hold her hand until she drifts off. We did get one more cuddle/nurse session in before I left for the weekend to watch a friends kids. Which leads to our biggest milestone, she went without nursing for 2 1/2 days! Apparently she did great and didn’t ask at all. I thought maybe it was over… Her first words to me when she saw me, “boob”. Oh well, we have a few more weeks before vacation to completely stop.

She is really getting to know certain routines. She sees us getting ready for dinner and helps put the placemates on the table. When we start saying it’s time to go she will go get her shoes and sit down. After dinner she knows it’s time to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Morning are always boob and then cuddles while we slowly wake up for the day. And when she hears that door open it means Daddy is home and starts breathing heavy and stomping her feet until she is in her Daddy’s arms.

It’s amazing to see how adventurous she is compared to where Parker was at her age. He only started waking at 18 months and she is climbing jungle gyms and going down slides on her own. She is quite the daredevil and I am going to have to be very careful with her climbing on, up, and over things. I’ve even noticed she is already starting to throw and kick balls. Perhaps she will be the family athlete…?

Her words have exploded over the last week but my absolute favorite by far is “mooie” which she repeats over and over again anytime she see a remote, TV, or iPad. It’s so stinking cute and when she knows you are putting something on she starts to giggle and shake her head yes.

She is in 12-18 month clothes although most of her outfits now consist of LuLaRoe Mommy & Mini sets 🙂 She is about 25 pounds depending on whether or not you weigh her before or after a meal. It’s hard to tell how many teeth she has at the moment, several are coming in at once. Her eyes are still that “stop in your tracks and stare” blue and her hair is growing out nicely in a light brown color which makes her eyes pop even more.

I find myself missing her infancy already but having so much fun watching her become a little girl.

18 Month Collage

Caity At 17 Months




17 Month

This little girl has started giving us a run for our money already! She is a total goofball with quite an attitude when she doesn’t get what she wants, usually related to food. We joke that she is a progress sniper because she is constantly messing up things that were just cleaned, or destroying her brothers trains and blocks. She loves playing in the kitchen with her brother and has started to “pretend eat” which is adorable.

She is still nursing, but if she misses before nap or bed she does just fine as long as someone else puts her down. She is getting really good with a spoon but will favor her hands if she is really hungry. Her current favorites are yogurt and bananas. I think she loves bananas more than a monkey, some days I cave and give her more than one.


She is definitely missing her brother during the day while he is at school. We find ways to keep busy and have been spending a lot of time cuddling on the couch. But she sure lights up and runs for the door when she hears them come home.


She is loving her new dress up cabinet and brings her pretty tutus to me often to help her put them on. I love when she walks around with the wings on.



Caity’s 16th Month

16 Month


Loves playing with her doll house and putting the mommy and daddy in the car

Still keeps mommy in nap jail

Sometimes can’t stay awake through lunch

LOVES cleaning up with the broom and dust pan

Wakes up every morning and tries to find daddy and brother

Is obsessed with hummas and quinoa

Doesn’t mind the cold weather and loves going on walks with Mommy

Is really starting to play pretend and mimic what she sees her brother do

Starting to play dress up

Knows when it’s time for dinner

Loves helping Daddy build things

Notices when things are missing where they usually are

Is really getting use to routines
– In the morning she will go to the linen closet and grab a diaper
– After bath she knows it’s time to get dressed
– When lunch is over she knows we go upstairs for nap time

Caitys 16 month collage watermarked

25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Pajamas

If you follow us on Instagram you may have notice I have a slight, okay maybe huge obsession with pajamas for the kids. Especially matching Christmas ones. I have been getting a lot of questions about where I found some of the pajama sets and decided to put together a post with links and photos!

Favorite Christmas Pajamas

The top left two are from Target (here and here). I had found them on Black Friday (well technically Thursday) when they had all of their clothing 40% off for $7.49 each. While they aren’t matching, I think they both go well together and will be the perfect outfits for one of the photo scenes we are doing this weekend.

I was able to find a few pajamas in both the kids sizes so there has been some fun matchy matchy which makes me so happy. The elf pajamas are also from Target, here, that I snagged during their 40% off sale for $7.79 each. The next two are Child of Mine brand from Costco and Walmart (here and 18 months here/4T here).

A few months ago Zulily had Christmas pajamas for the whole family on sale. I went a little crazy and found something for all of us to wear on Christmas Day. And of course I could resist getting the last pair, also from Zulily.






Check out all of my 25 Days of Christmas here!

Caity At 15 Months

15 Month

Between Thanksgiving, visiting family in NJ for 2 weeks, and prep for Christmas we have been quite busy. Parker and Caity have started really playing well together which gives me an opportunity to keep up with everything.

Sleeping is going really well. For naps Parker has quite time in his room watching Paw Patrol and Caity and I cuddle in her chair. I don’t mind the snuggles and a chance to catch up on sleep or watch Netflix. In the evenings she still nurses, usually to sleep. We cuddle for awhile, sometimes I also fall asleep, and then I put her in the crib. Usually she gets comfortable quick and dozes right back off. Sometimes I have to sit with her or try again. It isn’t until about 3am she wakes up enough to want to come into bed with us. She nurses again and then goes right back to sleep. Last week she actually slept until 7am. Unfortunately, I ended up waking up a few times with a stuffy nose and to keep checking on her. I’m still waiting for an encore performance!

Eating is going well, she loves food and eats just about anything. We have tried a few different cups and are trying to get her to use the WOW cup so we don’t have to worry about spills. She doesn’t like cups with a silicone nipple or spout so she has been using the Take & Toss ones but I can’t trust her with that in the car.

She started taking actual steps about 2 weeks ago and from there she started walking more and more each day. Now she is basically running. She loves to climb up anything, especially to her brothers loft bed. We are working on a safe railing solution at the moment to make it a little safer. She has figured out how to use the night stand in our room to her advantage to climb up onto the bed. She has also mastered the couches.

She is saying “hi” and “ah oh” consistently and it’s freaking adorable. She makes sounds for other words that we can identify but isn’t saying much else at this point. She babbles like crazy, sounds like she says a few letters of the alphabet, and hums when she hears music or I sing to her.

It’s 3 months over due but I had wanted to do a birthday photo shoot with Caity and things have just been so crazy. I figured 3 months late wouldn’t really matter when she is 25 years old so we decided to get it done while we had the equipment out for Christmas photos. We took about 700 photos and I haven’t had time to go through them all but here is a sneak peak at some of my favorites.


DSC_4754 watermarked

DSC_4616 watermarked