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Caity’s 14 Month Update

14 Month

This last moth has been a doozy!

We tried “sleep training” again. Without many tears Caity started getting more comfortable in her crib at night. On average she has been sleeping with minimal wake ups in her crib from 7pm – 12am. At which points she lets us know she wants to cuddle and it’s time to bring her on our bed 😉 After nursing we will cuddle in the chair and she usually wakes up when I put her in the crib but gets comfortable quick. Most nights if anything she wants me to sit next to the crib and hold her hand until she drifts off… I am okay with that 🙂

Still no milk although I have to admit I am not trying very hard. Maybe next month, lol.

On Halloween we finally got out and met some local mommies and kiddos. I found a great group of mommies online and it was fun to finally meet them in person. Caity is older than most of them so it looks like I have the oldest kiddos in the playgroup age which is different but fun. We have had a few play dates since then and have a few fun events planned in the coming months. It was cute to watch Caity play with littles more her age, she was even caught kissing an adorable little boy named Mason.





She is getting more and more independent every day playing along side her brother. When she doesn’t think I am looking I will catch her mimicing something she saw one of us doing with a toy. Or climbing on something she knows she isn’t suppose to. If it’s any indication, I think she will be quite the daredevil when she gets older.





Caity at 13 Months

13 Month

It’s been a busy month for Caity. We left for Canada a few days after her 1st birthday (and her ONEderland party). The past month has been busy with unpacking, learning the area, and enjoying our new home as much as possible before it gets too cold. Overall she has handled the transition well. She loves exploring their new spacious playroom and getting into trouble.

About 2 weeks ago I started trying her in the crib again. I was amazed with how different it has gone this time. For naps and at night I will go into her room, nurse her, then rock her to sleep for awhile. Then I lay her down in her crib. The first two or so days she woke up as soon as I stood up and spent most of the time crying and then sitting up asleep. The next few days after that she would cry a bit but not sit up so I sat there until she drifted off. Most recently she barley wakes up and lets out a little cry if that. If she wakes before we go to bed we let her go and she usually falls back asleep quickly. Between 11-1 she wakes up and wants to come in with us/nurse so that’s when we go and get her. I don’t mind her sleeping with us especially if I have the evening to spend with Rob or get things done.

We’ve tried to introduce milk but she doesn’t seem to like it much. I am going to keep working on it and once she is drinking it regularly we are going to start weaning her. I am anxious to spend our anniversary in April away for the weekend and to get my next tattoo. Two things I can’t do if she isn’t weaned yet!

She has such a stinking cute personality although it’s fairly feisty. She gets really upset and mad if you tell her no or she gets in trouble for hurting her brother. She also won’t stop grunting and screeching until you give her something she wants. And don’t you dare think of giving her brother something to eat that she doesn’t also get. Her babbles are really starting to seem like words, we just have to figure out what those are. She is also getting more adventurous with climbing and standing on her own for short periods of time. It seems like she maybe walking before the new year!

Caity’s ONEderland Birthday Party

IMG_3353 watermark

I knew quite awhile ago I wanted to throw a ONEderland tea party for Caity’s 1st birthday. Instead of traditional tea we wanted to have a variety of iced teas for guests to enjoy. Knowing that we would be living in a hotel at the time I promised Rob that I would keep Caity’s birthday party low key. I had every intention of following through on that promise but… as always I ended up getting a little carried away. Pinterest was a perfect source of inspiration and I kept adding more and more items to my DIY list. I managed to make everything in the hotel room the week before her party, even sugar cookies!

I had fun decorating the entry way making several hotel guests stop and ask what they were for. Some guessed a poker game 🙂

DSC_0361 watermark

DSC_1843 watermark

DSC_1846 watermark

For each of their birthdays I find a book that guests can sign that has something to do with the theme. Of course this birthday called for Alice in Wonderland!

DSC_2015 watermark

DSC_1841 watermark

I fell in love with these adorable napkins from Amazon and decided to use them as inspiration for the color scheme. Yes, I had a theme and color scheme for her party. The napkins were pricey so I only bought 1 pack and then found paper products at Oriental Trading (plates  |  cups  |  knives  |  spoons  |  forks  |  napkins) to compliment the color scheme.

DSC_1879 watermark

DSC_1881 watermark

Tea cups and saucers from our local thrift store was an inexpensive and fun way to hold utensils. I used the additional pieces to make a tea cup tower and secured them together with E6000.

DSC_1810 watermark

The books were one of my own inventions. For some reason when I think of a tea party I think of stacks of books. I bought a long piece of builders grade wood at Lowes and had them cut it down into 12 inch(ish) pieces. Then I painted them and tried to free hand the font on each of the books. The kids new play room is going to be Disney themed so I thought this would be something fun that can be used after the party was over.

I found the tea pot when we were in Disney this past summer. I can’t believe it was the ONLY piece of Alice in Wonderland merchandise I could find :/

DSC_1838 watermark

DSC_1837 watermark

I knew I wanted to make large colorful flowers to help fill in the back drop. We were in Jo Ann Fabrics and there were paper flower kits from Martha Stewart on clearance. They ended up working perfectly. The directions were horrible and I had no idea what to do but I lucked out and found a tutorial on YouTube with detailed instructions.

IMG_5864 watermark

I used unfinished frames from Michaels to display some popular quotes from Alice in Wonderland I made in Photoshop. I had them printed at Costco along with a photo of Caity and Alice we took in Disney and her birthday chalkboard. There prices are very reasonable and they have quick turnaround.

IMG_5841 watermark

Caity's 1st Birthday Chalkboard blog watermark version

I also made two collages of photos of Caity from the last year. The first were her monthly photo chalkboards. I found this wooden pallet at Michaels for a decent price. All I had to do was add some paint and use painters tape to secure the photos. Painters tape was great at holding the photos in place for the party and removing them without damaging the pallet after it was over.

DSC_1822 watermark

The second was a project I had on my list for awhile. I love when old frames are repurposed and used to display photos. I took an Instagram photo of her every month for the last year and had them printed at Costco. I’ve had the frame for years just waiting to be used but I think I paid around $5 for it. All together this project cost under $10 which is great seeing as though this would probably be $50 at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

IMG_3351 watermark

Since we were throwing her party in one of the hotels conference rooms I had to sketch out my idea for the whole room. I ended up making a few changes but couldn’t have been more pleased with the way it all came together. I had planned to buy lattice to help created the table backdrop but while we were in LBI on vacation Rob suggested we just use a few links for Caity’s baby gate. It worked PERFECTLY. Most people didn’t even catch on that is what it was.

Whole Table Final Edit

I found the large red flower and bottle at Michaels in addition to the large iron key. The yellow clock is from Amazon and will be used in her room.

DSC_1830 watermark

I found a print of my favorite quote from the movie in an adorable Etsy shop called, AliceInWonderlandDsg. I also found Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Winnie The Pooh in her shop for the kids playroom. Her work is absolutely amazing.

DSC_1834 watermark

As a final touch my mom helped me line the table with blue tulle I found at Jo Ann Fabrics.

DSC_2031 watermark

We decided on a variety of light finger foods for everyone to enjoy. Wegmans had an amazing selection and really good prices. The food was delicious and their presentation was impressive.

DSC_1883 watermark

DSC_1884 watermark

DSC_1885 watermark

I had a lot of fun putting together the dessert table. I gave decorating sugar cookies a try. They certainly didn’t come out perfect but I am pretty impressed with myself and there wasn’t a single one left so they must have been yummy. I also made Rice Krispies paint brushes using Popsicle sticks and some icing. We ordered the cupcakes from Wegmans and they were amazing. I had them give the effect of roses some painted white, red, and then a mix. Since it wasn’t anything extravagant they were their normal cupcake price of $12.50/dozen. I just added playing cards for extra effect.

The wonderful smash cake was made by a friend who went above and beyond. It came out exactly how I was hoping it would and was the perfect addition to her theme.

DSC_1816 watermarked

DSC_1807 watermark

DSC_1814 watermarked

DSC_1820 watermarked

DSC_1818 watermark

DSC_1823 watermark

We had a drink station with a variety of iced teas and water.

Drink Table watermark

DSC_1855 watermark

My parents were sweet enough to bring my old high chair that I also sat in for my first birthday party. I made a matching fabric scrap garland and used Photoshop to create the ONE playing cards.

DSC_1800 watermark

IMG_3330 watermark

I like to try and find unique favors for the kids. Since they are a little too young to enjoy playing cards I found a card game assortment pack at Oriental Trading with Old Maid, Go Fish, and Hearts. I put a few in each bag and used the Avery square labels for the bags. I also used these to dress up the drinking cups a little.

DSC_1851 watermark

A momma in one of my groups made a life size Instagram frame that I thought was too perfect so I decided to put together a little photo booth for some fun shots. My Dad had the same idea and made a life size Queen of Hearts playing card too.

DSC_1804 watermark

Photo Booth Props watermark

DSC_1974 watermarked

DSC_1977 Watermarked

We put together a few activities and crafts to keep the kiddos entertained. There was a bean bag toss and then a craft station to decorate your own crowns and top hats.

DSC_1900 watermarked

DSC_1874 watermark

DSC_1826 watermark

Everyone had a great time, especially the birthday girl!

Birthday Cake Watermarked

DSC_1970 watermarked

IMG_3400 watermarked


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

My sweet girl. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we welcomed you into this world. You helped me prove that I am stronger and braver than I ever thought I could be. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and you grow more independent and spunky as the days go on.

You love playing with your brother but it seems you have not only grown some tough skin but also a knack for pushing Parker’s buttons. I use to assume that he did something to you when you cry, now I know better. You desperately want to move to keep up with him and you are so close now. Any day you will get the courage to break away and make a run for it. Help us all when that day comes.

I’m not surprised you have quite an appetite and we should never expect to eat something without giving you a taste. You are a pretty good eater and have gotten really good at drinking from a sippy cup. Now if we could only transition you to milk 😉 You have gotten very independent with eating and lately you don’t even want me to cut up your food. Pretty soon I think you will be demanding a plate and utensils!

You see a camera pointed at you and immediately smile. You love being chased, tickled, and when your brother plays peek-a-boo with you.  You love dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and watching Miles From Tomorrowland.

This past month you got to put your feet in the sand and even moved into a hotel room. You got to celebrate your birthday with friends and family and dig in to a yummy cake, TWICE. It’s been wonderful to watch you grow over the last year. Although it was certainly rough at times I cherish every moment and even the nighttime cuddles I still get regular. I want to hold you close and keep you little forever.

Caity’s ONEderland Birthday Planning

Oh goodness if it wasn’t busy enough around here I have been gearing up for Caity’s ONEderland birthday party next month. I had promised Rob I would go light since we will be living in a hotel at the time and we already have quite a bit on our plates.

Then I started looking at Pinterest and well that promise went right out the door.

Follow Mary Meyer’s board Alice In ONEderland on Pinterest.

I am having SO much fun designing this birthday party from the table set up to fun games for the kids. Since most will be Parker’s age I want to make sure they are entertained. So far I have come up with a playing card bean bag toss, Pin A Smile on the Cheshire Cat, Bowling, and a Mad Hatter Hat Shop. We will also have the movie playing in the background and a fun Photo Booth set up for silly photos. I found this perfect instant download set from Jazzy Patterns on Etsy


We are going to cater from Chick-fil-A and stick with light finger foods like fruit, veggies, and their mini chicken bites. I am also going to decorate some sugar cookies and make paint brush rice krispie treats. A good friend is going to make Caity’s smash cake and I found a local bakery that could make cupcakes look like roses.

Paint Brush Krispie Treats Source                                                 Smash Cake Source                                                    Rose Cupcakes Source

I have found some pretty awesome items on Amazon that work perfectly with the theme.


I ended up splurging on a pack of 20 napkins for $4 because the print was adorable. Then I used the colors to pick all the paper products for the food and (iced) teas we would be serving. For an added touch I made “drink me” stickers for the cups.

Paper Products

We are going to have everyone sign a copy of Alice in Wonderland so she remembers who was there to help celebrate her special day. I love the one we found because it looks a little old.


I’m also continuing the tradition of making a chalkboard with all of Caity’s milestones and memories. I still have to add her height and weight but here is a sneak peak.

Caity's 1st Birthday Chalkboard - With Watermark

And of course I have been playing around in PhotoShop making some fun prints!Sample Prints With WatermarkI have so much more to share but need to finish taking photos of the apartment. We start pack out tomorrow and I wanted to have a few photos of everything all set up.