Nine Months In And Nine Months Out


Month 9 watermark

This Time Around
Even after nine months I have to keep telling myself that Caity is a different baby. And boy does she like doing things her own way. I can already tell she is gonna be the sneaky one always keeping us on our toes.


We have hit a few more bumps in the road this past month. Between teething, the return of Aunt Flo, and another case of Thrush it was pretty miserable for awhile. Luckily I am part of an amazing support group on Facebook and they encouraged me to go to my OB. After a prescription for Thursh, APNO, some lactation cookies, and lots of water things are almost back to normal. At its worst we tried formula again in desperation and she absolutely refused it so I guess we are stuck making it work till we hit a year.


Milestones & Memories
At 9 months she is 19 pounds and 11 ounces, about 27 inches high, and wearing mostly 12 month clothing.

Caity loves interacting with other people and is already learning social ques such as waving when someone says hello. The other night at dinner I noticed she was waving and when I looked behind me there was another little girl in a highchair waiving back at her. It was so adorable to watch the two of them smiling, waiving, and interacting with one another.

Despite what the pediatrician thinks Caity still isn’t sleeping through the night. Although I would LOVE a full nights sleep, I know she just isn’t ready for it and I have come to terms with that. She does for the most part give me long stretches which I choose to use catching up with posts instead of sleeping. But that’s on me, not her.

Since we took more of a baby lead weaning approach to introducing foods she is eating more solids than Parker did at this age. Just the other day she basically ate a full taco. I am finding that when I give her puree she isn’t as interested as the solid food. She loves eggs, Cheerios, and Yogurt melts for breakfast.

She is also less vocal but more mobile. She has created her own kind of crawl where she planks and then pushes her legs into her tummy to move forward. It isn’t very efficient but it does get her to where she wants to be. Just the other day I noticed a lot more coordination with her hands and knees so I think a full on crawl isn’t too far away. She isn’t really babbling yet but has come up with her own sounds that can only be described as what a baby velociraptor would sound like.


Letter to Caity
This past month has been extremely busy and things haven’t gone according to plan much. You have been doing great with the transition, better than expected, but still need your cuddle time.¬†Iv’e learned three big things about you this month. You love selfies, eating, and getting into trouble ūüôā

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From One Boob To Another: Joovy Boob and Naturally Nood Nipple Review


It’s no secret that Caity prefers her milk on tap. I was so worried about nipple confusion that I waited a little too long to introduce the bottle. Since Parker was exclusively on formula by 4 months this has been a very different experience for me.¬†Don’t get me wrong, I love breastfeeding, but after 8 months I wouldn’t mind a nice evening out with Rob.

Over the last few months we have tried several different brands of bottles and nipples but she didn’t seem to take to any of them. When I found out Joovy was looking for bloggers to review their new Boob Naturally Nood Nipple I thought it would be a great opportunity to give it one more try. I am grateful for the opportunity to review both the¬†Boob Naturally Nood Nipple¬†and Joovy’s Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set with you all today. I did receive the below items for free in exchange for my honest review but I will never recommend a product I do not believe in or will not use myself or with my family.

Bottle Specs

Here are some of my favorite features about the Boob Baby Bottle PPSU:

– The bottle is made from PPSU material that does not allow the plastic to adsorb odor or color
– It can handle repeat sterilizations
– Is BPA, phthalate, and lead free
РThe 1-piece CleanFlow Vent System is easy and quick to clean
– The vent tabs eliminate the chance of leaks or inconsistent flow
РThe nipple design provides a better transition back and forth between the breast and the bottle
– The wide nipple base give Caity surface to get a good latch
– Multiple choices of nipples for the perfect flow rate
– Nipples are baked to strengthen and prevent collapsing
– The light gray color is classy looking


The Boob Naturally Nood Nipples are the perfect addition to the Boob PPSU Baby Bottles. Using an “imperfect” design the nipples create a similar experience to breastfeeding.

The Naturally Nood Nipples are soft to the touch. Caity seems to love the flexible nipple that she can stretch and position in her mouth just as she does while nursing (ouch!). The nipples also have interior bumps and wrinkles to mimic the breast which is more familiar to her.

The Naturally Nood Nipples are available in 5 different flow rates.
Stage 0 – Preemie 0+ months
Stage 1 – Slow Flow 0+ months
Stage 2 – Medium Flow 3+ months
Stage 3 – Fast Flow 6+ months
XCut – Extra Fast Flow 6+ months



DSC_7124 v2

DSC_7128 v2

DSC_7156 v2

The Joovy Boob and Naturally Nood Nipple has¬†definitely lived up to my expectations. While Caity still prefers to nurse she doesn’t mind a feeding or two with the bottle nipple combination. She is playful with the nipple while feeding just like she does when she is nursing.


I love that the¬†Joovy’s Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set¬†has everything you need to get started bottle feeding with formula or breast milk.¬†The 23 piece set comes with:

Three – 5oz PPSU Bottles & 9oz PPSU Bottles
The Boob PPSU bottles will not absorb odor or color and are BPA/phthalate/lead free. The gray color emphasizes a “clean” look and can withstand repeated sterilization. Each bottle is shrink-wrapped to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

One Р5 oz & 9oz Insulator
The Boob Insulators help keep liquids at their desired temperature longer. Insulators can be used with the Breast Pump Adaptor, Sealing Cap, or when feeding baby.

Two – Breast Pump Adapters
Great for moms who want to pump directly into the babies bottle. The Boob Breast Pump Adapter works seamlessly with or without the Insulator attached. The Boob PPSU and Boob PP are currently compatible with Medela, Lansinoh, Playtex, Evenflo, Ameda, and Simplisse pumps. The adapter worked perfecting with my Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump.


Three¬†–¬†Sealing Caps
The Boob Sealing Caps allow you to store/freeze breastmilk or other liquids directly in the bottle. You can also keep milk frozen longer when using both a Sealing Cap and Boob Insulator. Sealing Caps work on both the Boob and Dood.

Eight РBoob Nipples
Designed to offer a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding the Boob nipples are molded, tested for consistency throughout production, and baked to strengthen the silicone.

{Two} Stage 0 – Preemie 0+ months
{One} Stage 1 – Slow Flow 0+ months
{One} Stage 2 – Medium Flow 3+ months
{Two} Stage 3 – Fast Flow 6+ months
{Two} XCut – Extra Fast Flow 6+ months

One – Bottle and Nipple Brush
Ergonomically designed the brushes are made with nylon bristles for fast and efficient cleaning of all the Boob components.

DSC_7173 v2

You can purchase the Boob PPSU Gift Set for $129.99 or you can purchase the pieces individually. The Naturally Nood Nipples come in packs of two for $6.99.

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Caity’s Eight Month Update


Month 8 with watermark

This Time Around
Maybe I just don’t remember for Parker’s first year but I have found myself really questioning all of my decisions with Caity. Maybe it’s just we are trying so many new things that it’s like I am a first time mom all over again. Luckily I keep referring back to Parker’s calendar from his first year and it gives me a good base line for what we did when. I noticed that in his 8th month he tried Indian for the first time so when my parents were visiting last weekend we ordered some. She loved it!

I’ll talk more about this in my next Motherhood Confessions post but I have been battling the mommy guilt a lot lately. Caity loves to cuddle, it’s what we did for hours and hours the first 6 months of her life to survive through the colic. With two kids though I desperately need that afternoon nap time to regroup and just have some alone time. Last week we went balls to the wall and started sleep training. She has done wonderfully and made more improvement then I could even imagine. She still lets out a cry when she feels me stand up from the chair because she knows I am going to put her in the crib. It honestly makes my heart hurt every time. I think to myself, “all she wants to do is cuddle” usually followed by, “soon she will be to big to cuddle and one day she won’t want to at all”. As soon as I leave she calms down and goes back to sleep which I know is so good for her. It still hurts though…


We are moving right along into month 9 of nursing. I tease that this one really loves her milk on tap. The biggest hurdle right now is this teething cause damn it hurts! I am realizing it’s the most painful right before a tooth breaks through. Her poor little mouth hurts so bad she can’t latch which makes it excruciating for me. As soon as they break through it gets better until the next one comes. I never dreamed I would be able to nurse this long. Even through the growth spurts and minor challenges here and there we have managed.

I’m still amazed by the lack of nursing mommas I see in public. Don’t get me wrong, I think you should nurse wherever you are most comfortable. But there has to be more than what I have seen. Iv’e gotten more comfortable nursing in public and most of the time don’t even think anything of it. I feed Caity when she is hungry (or thirsty) which makes for a more enjoyable time out for everyone.

In an effort to start transitioning her to something other than nursing I had the opportunity to review the Joovy Boob and their new Naturally Nood Nipple. It is by far the best bottle and nipple I have come across and even though she isn’t completely sold on it yet, Caity hasn’t minded drinking some of my milk from it.


Milestones & Memories
This has been a huge month for Caity and her development.

She is now rolling around the room and is able to go from a sitting position to her tummy.

She is also eating some puree and more solid foods each day. She gets about 1 container of baby food a day and then snacks on MumMums, Puffs, or Yogurt Bites during breakfast and lunch. For dinner I give her bites of what ever I am eating. She absolutely loves eggs, mac & cheese, and just last night had a few bites of my spaghetti meat sauce. I have to make sure I am either feeding her or she has something to munch on during meal time or she gets really hangry. We also have started introducing a sippy cup but she is biting on it more than drinking.

If you watch her closely you may also catch a glimpse of her little dainty wave. That is always an adorable milestone for a baby because they usually do it backwards since that is what they see when you do it to them.

Caity is sprouting TWO teeth with a few more on the way I believe.

The biggest, and most exciting, change this¬†month has been her sleeping habits. Last weekend I decided it was time to go balls to the wall and get her trained. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed I would be set on sleep training but I am exhausted, stressed, and I know she needs the quiet alone time. I decided to dedicate this week to staying close to home and get Caity in her crib for both her morning and afternoon nap. We purchased these Blackout Curtains¬†and I set up the travel Essential Oil Diffuser with Lavender. Today is day 4 and she is improving each day. I always believed sleep begests sleep so I wasn’t surprised when she also slept 8:30 pm – 6am on Sunday night and 8:00 pm – 5:30 am Monday night. Last night she would have slept longer but I woke up and needed to either pump or nurse.


Letter to Caity
Oh Caity, you are happy except when you are not. You love interacting with other people and looking around when we are out and about. When you get overwhelmed you make it known and are instantly better once you are close to us. I think that is one of the reasons you love being worn. You can experience the world but feel safe close to me. I don’t mind it one bit! You love trying new foods and are happy at meal time as long as you are eating something along with everyone else. The bigger you get the easier it is to play with your big brother and I can tell you are trying your darnedest to get this whole crawling and standing thing figured out. I can’t believe how big you are getting and how anxious you are to explore the world around you. I cherish those quite moments we have at night as you drift off to sleep and I can just sit and stare at you.


Nuby Squeeze n’ Squeak Teether Review


Caity never really took to a pacifier so I have noticed she likes to chew a lot more on her toys than Parker. I like to have a few toys in each room to keep her occupied when I need to get dressed or make dinner. We have always been a fan of Nuby’s teethers and I was so excited when Nuby¬†sent us the Squeeze n’ Squeak Elephant to try out in exchange for my honest review. As always, all reviews are 100% are my own and I never recommend a product I do not use myself or with my family.


The colorful and animated characters are appealing to baby while the variety of textures help soothe sore gums.


There are several rings and hoops that make it easy for little hands to grab a hold. Caity likes holding on and flinging it around, especially when her brother is bothering her.


The¬†Squeeze n’ Squeak Teether¬†is appropriate for ages 3 months, BPA-free, and is currently available at Walmart for $5.97.


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