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Buster Boy is FOUR!

Birth - 4

It’s hard to believe that just four short years ago I became a mom. It’s been amazing to watch this little boy grow up, I just wish it wasn’t so quickly.

All Chalkboards

It’s times like these that I am grateful that I have kept up with his yearly chalkboards. It’s fun to look back and see what were his milestones and favorites each year.

Parker 4th Birthday Chalkboard watermarked


25 Days of Christmas: Let It Snow Chalkboard

I love having chalkboards around the house to add a little festive spirit to the room. I picked up a old painting with a beautiful frame at a thrift store several years ago. The goal was to replace the painting with a chalkboard for the master bedroom. When we moved into this house I decided it was finally time to finish the project, just in time for the holidays!

I love having a little extra something on the wall above our bed that I can change up for special holidays or when I am feeling a little creative.

Let It Snow Chalkboard

In case you have the urge to make a custom chalkboard yourself here are a few tips!

1. You can have most Lowe’s or Home Depot stores cut wood to the size you want.

2. I like using spray paint since it is quicker and easier to apply evenly.

3. Use black primer first. It will help the chalkboard paint stick to the wood better.

4. Once the pain is dry take a piece of chalk and cover the entire chalk board, then erase it.

5. Remove the painting or glass and make sure to secure the wood so that it doesn’t pop out when you change up the design.

6. Find a way to hang it that is easy to get up and down. If you make it difficult, you may find yourself unmotivated to change it.


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Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

My sweet girl. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we welcomed you into this world. You helped me prove that I am stronger and braver than I ever thought I could be. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and you grow more independent and spunky as the days go on.

You love playing with your brother but it seems you have not only grown some tough skin but also a knack for pushing Parker’s buttons. I use to assume that he did something to you when you cry, now I know better. You desperately want to move to keep up with him and you are so close now. Any day you will get the courage to break away and make a run for it. Help us all when that day comes.

I’m not surprised you have quite an appetite and we should never expect to eat something without giving you a taste. You are a pretty good eater and have gotten really good at drinking from a sippy cup. Now if we could only transition you to milk 😉 You have gotten very independent with eating and lately you don’t even want me to cut up your food. Pretty soon I think you will be demanding a plate and utensils!

You see a camera pointed at you and immediately smile. You love being chased, tickled, and when your brother plays peek-a-boo with you.  You love dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and watching Miles From Tomorrowland.

This past month you got to put your feet in the sand and even moved into a hotel room. You got to celebrate your birthday with friends and family and dig in to a yummy cake, TWICE. It’s been wonderful to watch you grow over the last year. Although it was certainly rough at times I cherish every moment and even the nighttime cuddles I still get regular. I want to hold you close and keep you little forever.


Summer Issue DIY Weddings Magazine {Feature} DIY Chalkboards

I always love waking up to an email letting me know that latest issue of DIY Weddings Magazine is up and ready for purchase. Especially when I have a DIY project in it!

Since summer is just around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to show a project I have been working on for the summer, chalkboards. Chalkboards are such great additions to your ceremony and reception. Their are an inexpensive and easy way to add a unique touch.

 Not only are they functional for the wedding, but you can use them around the house or to document other life events. I use chalkboards all the time to document my son’s milestones month to month, welcome messages for overnight guests and on display in our kitchen for a little extra holiday spirit. 
You can check out more of this handsome little man over at Cherry Blossom Love
What is great about doing them yourself is you can use what ever shape and size you want. I found the ones for this project at Michael’s. 
These are the materials I use when making chalkboards. There are many options to choose from and you may find something that works a little better. I find that using primer first allows the chalkboard paint to go on smoothly and look flawless. I am also very particular about safety and use a mask and gloves but those are really optional. 

You can download your own copy of the latest DIY Wedding Magazine issue here

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