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Holiday Home Tour

October and November are always crazy with 2 Thanksgivings and Halloween. For the last 3 years I have decorated for Canadian Thanksgiving, then Halloween, and then for American Thanksgiving. I always look forward to December 1st because I can focus on just 1 holiday, Christmas. I wait patiently until then to start pulling out the decorations, baking cookies, and dancing to our favorite Christmas tunes. Since this is our third Christmas in the house decorating was a little easier as I already knew some of my favorite decorating spots. But as always, I added some new items and changed a few things up. It took about a week to find the perfect spot for everything.

Last year I was so busy we never got around to taking photos which I swore would NOT happen again this year. Rob and I spent one afternoon staging some photos to document all of my decorating. I promise my house isn’t always this put together!


Rob made this for me a few years ago since the mantel wasn’t long enough for all of our stockings. I still have to get one for Henry, the newest member of our family.

The kiddos reading nook is filled with Christmas stories, I shared a full list here a few days ago.

My Mom taught me when I was young to always make my bed in the morning. If you get nothing else accomplished that day, at least your bed was made. It has always stuck with me. No matter what the day I have had, when I go upstairs for bed I feel 100 times better when the bed is made. I feel like this holds even more true when the bed is decked out in plaid!

The kids rooms are filled with lots of Target Dollar Spot finds I have collected over the years. Sprinkled in are also a few pieces from my childhood. I love swapping out some of the usual decor on their walls and subbing in Christmas themed pieces. Even better are the framed prints I can just rotate and leave in the frame all year round.

My favorite thing to fill the house with are Christmas trees. I have about 30 throughout the house ranging in size from 5 inches to 9 feet. We use the larger trees to showcase all the ornaments we have collected over the years. Upstairs there is a 3 foot tree in each bedroom. The kids each got to decorate their own and are full of ornaments they have been getting since their first Christmas. The tree in our room displays ornaments made by my Mom and I years ago when we use to do craft shows. Our living room tree is packed with ornaments from our childhoods, Rob’s airplane collection, my Mary’s Angel collection and my favorite ornament of all time, the one Rob gave me Christmas Eve 2009 when he proposed <3.

25 Days of Christmas Stories

Story time is a favorite around here so the kids love when I pull out our box of Christmas stories. I’ve been collecting some of these well before Rob and I were even married. Others have been gifted to the kids over the years. Last year they seemed to pick out the same books each night so this year I used one of our Advent Calendars to help us decide what book to read each night. So far the kids have loved doing it this way.

My personal favorites are North Pole Ninjas, Santa Is Coming to Ottawa, and of course The Night Before Christmas.

Sammy & Sophia’s Return

The Christmas season is finally here!!! I really like to focus on one holiday at a time so December 1st is a really exciting day around here. This past week I have slowly started to decorate the house and work on our different 25 Days of Christmas schedules. This year we are doing four; 25 Days of Adult Christmas Beverages, 25 Days of Christmas Stories, our Christmas Bucket List, and of course Sammy & Sophia’s schedule.

Having a predetermined calendar makes it a lot easier, especially if you tend to forget and need to do something at the last minute. I used last years calendar as a starting point

and then added in a few new things. I will often scout out items on clearance after Christmas Sammy & Sophia can bring the following year. I have one box that is dedicated to them that I keep in my craft room throughout December. I do think that after this year I will have to but it in a more secure location as Parker is too smart for his own good.

So here it is, all the mischief Sammy & Sophia will be getting into this December. You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #sammyandsophiameyer

Christmas 2016

Although it wasn’t planned we ended up heading to New Jersey a few days early which meant we would be there for all of my favorite Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions. We did some last minute shopping, decorated the tree, read stories, wrapped gifts, and ate all of our traditional favorites with lots of cookies in between.

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We carved out time while home to meet up with one of my closest friends at Hershey. It was a little chilly but it didn’t stop us from having a blast. The kids absolutely love the rides and of course the sweet snacks!

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There was also a lot of down time which the kiddos desperately needed. They enjoyed wagon rides around the orchard, hot coco, and playing with all of their new toys.

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Rob and I were able to spend the New Year’s weekend at the beach with friends AND had a date night out.

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Our local Chick-fil-A saw us several times over the course of our stay getting our nugget, milkshake, and playground fix in.

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And the best part…? It actually snowed!!!

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Sammy & Sophia’s Favorite Accessories


Over the last few years I have collected quite a few outfits for Sammy and Sophia that I just adore. They mostly wear the aviation jacket and plaid skirt but every once in awhile they come back from the North Pole in a different outfit, sometimes specific to the mischief they have gotten themselves into. Here are a few of our favorites!


Aviator Jacket | Plaid Skirt & Boots | Robe | Boys T-ShirtsPjays | Girls T-Shirts | TuxedoSatin Tiered Skirt

The robes are definitely for the marshmallow bath and the pajamas are perfect for Christmas Eve morning. The t-shirts are new this year and I am excited to start changing them out throughout the month as well.


Sammy & Sophia Are Back!!!

There are so many things I love about the Christmas season. Time with family, the cold weather, decorating the tree, cookies, and watching the joy on Parker and Caity’s faces. Most of all though, I think it’s our elves Sammy and Sophia. Planning out a month of fun things for them to be doing really keeps me in the spirit of wonder and excitement all month. Not to mention watching the kids faces every morning as they look to see what mischief they got in.


Last year I created a calendar to help facilitate Sammy and Sophia’s daily movements. It made things much easier and a lot more fun! Out of all of them these were probably my favorite.


This year I want to incorporate a little decorating and family oriented. Sammy and Sophia stick to more lighthearted mischief and role model good behavior. I also don’t focus much on them reporting back to Santa although desperate times we casually remind Parker that Sammy has an in with Santa.