Creative Holiday Wrapping Ideas

I have always loved shopping for the holidays. I usually start in the summer and take my time finding things that perfectly fit each recipient. I am ashamed to say that I never spent much time wrapping. It’s a shame really, almost like spending hours working on the perfect print only to put it in a damaged frame. Gaaaa…

This year, I decided to use inspiration from Pinterest and motivation for My Crafting Attic to get my gifts wrapped early and with style. I have to say I am so excited to put the gifts under the tree this year!

Before I get into the how-to of each one I just have to show off the gift wrapping cart I threw together. Earlier this year I shared my gift wrapping closet which has worked out great. I love having everything organized in one place. However, during gift wrapping time I wanted something that was a little more portable and could hold everything for wrapping presents in the dinning room.

I found this RASKOG Kitchen Cart in IKEA and didn’t have a purpose at the time but just knew I would come up with something sooner or later. I know Christmas colors are traditionally red and green but I love adding hints of turquoise. Three tiers helped organize all of the ribbon, tags, boxes and other accents I have collected.  I repurposed some of Parker’s Gerber lil’ Crunchies containers to keep things separate and just added a little contact paper to make them pop.

I tried to be as eco friendly as possible and used gifts as wrapping material. I realized a scarf is a great replacement for tissue paper. 
Iv’e never used wooden accents for wrapping but this will be a staple of mine moving forward. They are cheaper than a card or even gift tag, easy to paint and makes a gift look pretty classy.  
Snowflake (Michaels) $.29  |  Letter (Michaels) $.99/Set of 2
Stamps (Jo-Ann Fabrics) $1.00/each
When using stamps I always recommend testing them out first. Each stamp seems to have a personality of their own and require a different amount of ink and pressure to look right. I wanted them to look faint and a little messy. 
Letter Tags (Michaels) $2.99
Overall I love how the brown paper looks. The packages have a fresh clean look and it’s easy to add a variety of embellishments. I found them in the holiday aisle at Target for $5.98 a roll but you find it year round on Amazon for about $10 (15ft). 
I had to pull out my handy Cricut for a few things. I love using the Cricut Craft Room to design embellishments. I can play around with size and placement to maximize each piece of scrapbook paper. I also love that I can move letters around so that one embellishment prints saving a lot of time. 

These next few ideas came from Pinterest and just make me giddy with excitement. They were really easy to do and just look fantastic under the tree. I ended up finding the red and white wrapping paper at Target in the normal wrapping section. They were pretty expensive so I recommend getting them off of Amazon here and here. I was in a time crunch so I couldn’t be very picky. 
The santa belt just needed some yellow and black scrap paper. The string of lights was an after season purchase that was just waiting to be used. 
I am sure that the recipient of this gift knows who they are. 😉 I am very proud of this one. Finding boxes was the hardest part, believe it or not. I ended up going into a UPS store which was perfect. They have tons of different size box options and I was in and out in a short time. I ended up using a 8x8x8 ($2.18), 6x6x6 ($1.81) and a 8x6x4 ($1.76) which fit all of the gifts, there are really gifts in there, perfectly!
I had some left over wooden buttons from a previous project that I painted black and secured with some hot glue. A few cuts of scrap book paper and some left over fabric and vuala, instant snowman! 
Frame (Michaels) $2.00

I am loving the way the pink pop against the silver, which is a repurposed box btw. The best part is this gift tag can be reused! I just dabbed a little hot glue on the back to secure it.

Green Chevron Ribbon (Two Berry Creative) $6.99 | Frame (Michaels) $1.99/Set of 5
Two Berry Creative was gracious enough to send a role of their chevron ribbon for me to try out. I have to say that this ribbon is fantastic. Strong and durable in vibrant colors. Chevron is totally the new black, in the craft world that is. They have tons of bold colors to choose from and are available on their website for $8.99.

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A Touch of Wood

I love shopping the wood sections of Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics. You can find so many different items for decorations and gifts. At the end of the last holiday season I picked up some pieces to save for this year. I love it because I get them for 70%+ off and usually forget I purchased them.

I know ornaments typically go on the tree but we are not lacking in that department. Since we have too many stockings to hang on the fireplace, I thought this would be a festive replacement. 

I thought this wooden house would be perfect in Parker’s room. I definitely want to get a few more of these when Parker is old enough to help me paint them!

This was my favorite project out of the bunch, go figure. I found an unfinished wooden picture frame and removed the glass. I then used about 4 coats of chalkboard paint right on the back of the picture frame. What is great about this is that I could use it for other things throughout the year.

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Felt Christmas Tree

One of my favorite parts about Christmas time is the decorating. Thanks to Pinterest, my expectations and to-do list were longer than ever. One of the things I really wanted to do for Parker was a felt Christmas tree. They are all over Pinterest and seemed like a project right up my alley. This is an inexpensive and easy way for kids to enjoy decorating for the holidays along with you.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed for this project so I took a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics while Parker was at daycare so I could take my time. I ended up deciding on 1.15 yards of green felt which yielded two trees and plenty of scraps to spare. I didn’t go with a specific size in mind, just unwound the felt until it was about the height I wanted.

I had found pre-cut felt ornaments but they were too firm and large for my project so they ended up getting returned. I decided to just create my own ornaments and print on cardstock.
What’s nice about this project is that it is very forgiving of mistakes. I traced the ornaments shapes and didn’t need to worry about the remaining pen marks, that just became the back 🙂
Once the ornaments were cut out, I used the Rick Rack Trim to embellish them. These worked out great because it took little effort to glue them on but really added character to the ornaments.
For the garland I used white pipe cleaners. For the longer sections I twisted two together and trimmed off what I didn’t need. All I needed was a few dabs of hot glue helped secure the pipe cleaners to the tree.
One of the biggest obstacles I went in Jo Ann’s with was what I was going to hang the tree with. With freshly painted walls I cringed at the thought of something pulling the paint off. That’s when I found Command Brand 3M Picture Hanging Strips. They were perfect for this project. I placed one at the top and two at the bottom on each side of the tree. I secured one strip to the tree and then attached the other. Once they were in place, I removed the backing that would stick to the wall.


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Candy Cane Centerpiece

There has been one particular pin going around this season that I fell in love with right away. The only trouble is I can’t find the original source. I really wanted it as the centerpiece for our table this year and decided to take on the challenge of recreating it myself.

I got all of my supplies from Jo Ann Fabrics and the candy canes from Target. This is a little more than I usually spend on supplies for a centerpiece but I can reuse this from year to year. The project took about 30 minutes from start to finish. 
The first step was gluing all of the candy canes onto the foam piece. Have you ever paid attention to how uneven candy canes are? I hadn’t until I started this project. With this project it is more important to keep them even on the top which leaves this mess on the bottom. I decided to switch out the ribbon and instead wrap some garland around the bottom to cover it up. 

After all the candy canes were on I cut all of the flowers off the stems. It makes it easier to place them in the foam. I always try to leave as much of the stem as I can and then trim down what I need as I place each one.

The flowers take a lot of trial and error which is nice because they Styrofoam is pretty forgiving. Just balance the height and type of each piece. Some of the green and smaller flowers make great fillers for all of the holes.

The last step was the garland to cover up the uneven candy canes. I just used a few dabs of glue to keep it in place. A nice thin strand of garland worked perfect and didn’t take away from the rest of the piece.

This makes me smile and I can’t wait to host dinner!

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Our 2012 Christmas Card

I decided not to ruin the surprise and share our Christmas Card this year when I talked about the tradition during my 12 Days of Christmas Family Traditions. As promised, here it is! We always send ours as postcards so the back had a message printed on the left and space on the right for addresses. 
Christmas Card copy