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Gift Wrapping Closet Upgrades

It’s amazing how my organizational needs can change so drastically in such a short time. Not that long ago I shared my Gift Wrapping Closet which I was SO proud of at the time. I was working with what I had and it was my first organizational project in our new home. I have learned a lot since then but am still impressed with the way I organized my greeting cards, gift bags, and tissue paper.

I can’t believe that here I am a little over a year later needing to make a few upgrades. Rob is going back to school in July and we needed to create a work space for him to call his own. That meant giving up a huge storage area for me. My wrapping closet still had a lot of potential for storage if we found the best way to organize everything.

Here is what I started off with.

I knew we needed a trip to IKEA and a look around Pinterest to really get the ideas flowing.

Follow Mary’s board Craft room in the making on Pinterest.

Before we left for IKEA I measured the closet and realized that one of the Expedit Bookcases would fit perfectly. I already have a 4×4 with a 2×4 stacked on top in my craft room so another would flow nicely.

Since the Expedit collection was being discontinued, I was hoping we would still be able to get one. While they still had quite a few in black-brown we found one in the scratch n’ dent for 35% off! Even though the rest of the furniture in my craft room is birch, this one will remain in the closet, at least for now, so the savings was worth it. It does look as though IKEA has already released their new collection, KALLAX, which is very similar to the Expedit collection but uses less wood to build.

There is also a fantastic DIY blog, Practial Delights, designed and provided step-by-step instructions to build your own drawers for the IKEA Expedit Bookcases.

While it’s always an added bonus to find something in the scratch n’ dent if you don’t like assembling yourself, it didn’t really help us in this situation. After several attempts, a few curse words and a “minor” disagreement, we realized we would need to take it apart to get it into the closet. I already had my mind made up that this was going in the closet so poor hubs had to oblige since we was deploying leaving me pregnant and stubborn. If he didn’t do it, he knew I would 😉 It may not be the most attractive trait but it sure gets me what I want sometimes!

Once we had it back together filling in the cubes was really easy.

I couldn’t top the way I had organized my greeting cards and tissue paper so those stayed the same. I used the Knuff Magazine Holder to store all of my special holiday paper, labels and holiday address stickers.
The drawers were perfect to store all the little items balloons, ribbon, and package embellishments.

I am a pack rat to say the least. I absolutely refuse to dispose of tins, boxes, bags, and even tissue paper that is still in good condition. I have purged from time to time but I mostly just get better and better at storing them to maximize space. I now have one bin dedicated to tins and the other to boxes.

I always like to have a few gifts on hand for events that slip my mind or when a little gift is needed. Now that I am a Thirty-One consultant, I have collected several of my favorite items during their flash sales. My favorite is the Keep-It Caddy which makes the perfect gift bag for baby showers!
One of the ways I was able to create a lot more storage was to utilize the door. I was inspired by Kelly’s amazing idea over at Steve and Kelly Plus Two, using the elfa® Door Rack System. It was the perfect way to add a lot of storage in an empty space.

I am very happy with the way it turned out and how much additional storage space I was able to create with just a few upgrades. The whole project ended up being $172 which is a little high for a normal upgrade for us but I am very happy with the results. I also like that all of the pieces we invested in can be taken down if we ever move so it won’t be a wasted investment.

My Crafting Attic

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DIY Paint Holder

I have been a busy little worker bee in my craft room. I don’t know if it was pregnancy hormones but I had about enough of an unorganized craft room and made it my top priority in February-March. I never really took the time to get it organized so I never felt calm when working on something or blogging. We attempted to paint ourselves which ended in a disaster. I decided to have the company who painted the rest of our house come and they were able to get it done in only a few hours. Now I have been spending nap times sorting through ALL of my supplies in the guest room and coming up with some pretty awesome storage solutions. 
I will be sharing a tour of the completed project soon but in the meantime, I just had to share a DIY solution Rob and I came up with for my acrylic paints. I now have limited table space so my previous holder, while amazing, wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to get them up out of the way. 

I love when I can take things I no longer have a purpose for and reuse them to help organize or decorate. It saves money, limits unnecessary waste and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also like the quiet time it gives Rob and I to work on something together.

Like many others, I was quite obsessed with Wire Cube Shelving Systems from Target for awhile.

Unfortunately, they didn’t last long and ended up in boxes in our garage. Luckily, I was able to use one of them for this project!

Grid Panel $1.20  |  Shelf Liner $10.99  |  Nylon Clamps $1.00  |  Birch Plywood $4.58

You only need a small piece of the shelf liner, will have 4 extra Nylon Clamps and left of Birch Plywood so this specific project will run you under $10 especially if you already have an extra Grid Panel lying around from one of the cube systems.

We also used 4 – 1 inch screws and 8 – 1/2 inch screws.

Rob used his jigsaw to cut a 14×14 square out of 1/4 thick birch board.

Since I am a perfectionist, we used the rotary tool to make sure the edges met right up against the metal grid. This little guy was a lot of fun to use and really simple. It took half the time traditional sandpaper would have and we were able to get really close to our desired edge.

I debated whether I wanted to paint or cover the backboard. I decided to use some of the contact paper I have stored away from my measuring cup project. I liked the idea of a patterned background and the pop of pink against our freshly painted Spa Pool colored walls.

While I was covering the backboard, Rob used his mitre saw to cut 4 in pegs using left over 1×1 scrap wood.

Apparently he isn’t as good at measuring than he thinks he is 😉 Luckily he also has a belt sander that evened those up right away!
We put the grate back on and I held each peg while Rob secured them from the bottom using his cordless drill and 1 inch screws.

Once they were all in place we marked the grate to sit 1.5 inches from the back. Using Nylon Clamps and 1/2 inch screws we we secured the grate in place. We then placed the second grate about 2 inches from the first and secured them in the same fashion.  

In case anyone was curious, the bottles marked with a “g” are paints specific for glass. It was an easy way to keep them identified from the others.

Rob used a wall anchor to secure it to the wall so it is extremely sturdy and secure.

Overall, this project was cheap and very simple. We completed the project from start to finish in about an hour. It was a lot of fun and Rob and I really enjoyed the time together. Getting my paints up and off the table space has been great. They are still visible and very accessible. I also like that it can only hold 60 paints so I am forced to keep the buying under control and use them before they go bad.  


My Crafting Attic: Stamp Shelf

When we moved to the new house last year I was determined to take the time to actually organize my craft room and either purchase or make what I needed. It’s easy to temporarily organize something but it never works out in the long run and ends up becoming a cluttered mess. 
One of my first projects was organizing my gift wrapping closet. Also on my to-do list was my stamp collection. I have collected quite a few over the years and never really had them organized. Since they were such a pain to get out, I rarely used them. I wasn’t able to really find something I liked in the store. I needed something that wasn’t deep but long enough to hold my entire collection and continue to grow with me. My darling husband he helped me with the project before he deployed. 
All we had to do was a little staining…
A little measuring…
And a little cutting…

Some nail shooting and a little more measuring…

And vuala, a custom and totally amazing stamp shelf!

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Craft Room Upgrades

An organized and well stocked craft room is every crafter’s dream. I have been very fortunate to always have some kind of craft space. In high school  I made space in my closet for all of my supplies. When Rob, Parker and I moved to a single family home in November 2012, I hit the jackpot and got an entire bedroom to organize and craft away in. Parker was 4 month old at the time so getting my craft room organized wasn’t really a priority. We ended up putting the furniture where we could, threw some shelves up on the wall and then shoved things where they fit.

When the holiday season was approaching, I knew I had to at least get my gift wrapping closet in order or I would go nuts. Yeah, I almost can’t believe I get to have one either :). I had so much fun organizing everything and it made holiday gift wrapping a breeze!

Now that we are settled into our house and the holiday’s are long gone, it’s time to give my craft room a lot of TLC. We are currently in Atlantic City, spur of the moment mini-vaca, so while Parker is sleeping I found some time to start putting together an inspirational board of what I am adding to the space.

STUVA Storage Combination | 3 Tier Basket | PROJS Desk Pad | HENRIKSDAL Chair      

Almost everything on this list is from IKEA so I will be making a shopping trip there sometime this week to pick everything up. The set of two wooden boxes are from IKEA a long time ago and from what I can tell, they have been discontinued. I have been using them in another room but plan to use them to store office supplies in my craft room.

Putting this together is getting me so excited and in the mood to organize! I would say that I, “can’t wait” but I am enjoying the time with my family at the moment :). I plan on diving right into this project when we get home though. I’ll be crafting in an updated and organized craft room before I know it.

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